Flavour denies being friends with the Late MC Loph

Sexy high-life musician, Flavour, in a recent interview with Punch newspapers, talked extensively about his relationship with late singer, MC Loph. After MC Loph’s death, reports claimed his mum(now late) was disappointed in Flavour for never visiting or calling her. It was also reported that MC Loph was the one who accommodated Flavour in his house, when he first came to Lagos. After his passing, Flavour sang a tribute in his honour titled “Iwe”. In the song Flavour mourned MC Loph and even talked about how he (MC Loph) housed him and hung out with him .Here’s what Flavour said in an interview with Punch:



MC Loph

MC Loph


“MC Loph and I weren’t as close as people thought. I met Loph through Mr. Raw when I came to Lagos. He wanted me to produce for him the same way I was producing for Mr. Raw. Somehow, we came together and we did the Osondi Owendi song. We later found out that we came from the same village.I played a very big part in the song. People would always want me to perform the song. But I couldn’t. What is the essence of collaborating when you cannot play the song? It didn’t make any sense. He said people told him I was performing his song. I felt, ‘oh, it is now your song?’ That was the last time we really spoke to each other. I decided to ‘free’ him. 

Yes, we were not friends at all. We just did a song together. People just had a misconception about the whole thing. I never told anybody this before and I still insist it is not something we should talk about.
I met his mother just once in my life. We went for a show at Nnewi (Anambra State) and we passed through our village. He got down to see his mother and I followed him. I greeted her and I gave her money that day. She was very happy. We left. I was surprised when people started saying I abandoned his mother when he died. It is not fair to talk about this since he is no more. But then, I feel it is time I became honest and open up because people have said a lot of things about me. It is not fair. He never greeted my father one day, let alone visiting him. But I couldn’t confront him because of that. I felt he didn’t have any business with my father. He could choose to greet him or not. We were not related, we just came from the same village.”



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25 Responses to "Flavour denies being friends with the Late MC Loph"

  1. Princess n williams says:

    Can we chat?

  2. darl aby says:

    Y u com dae form familiarity when you sing iwe….. all these naija psychic artists sef

  3. steve says:

    no excuse, ur song “iwe” says it all…. puuh

  4. favour says:

    oga forget dat mc loph is death so u can say dat lies against him ok rember u say it all in ur song iwe but only god knows it all

  5. xdon says:

    Flavour, i really use to respect you, but now i know that u r full of shit. MC Loph we knw is ur pally. U even said it all in iwe. Are u tryn to cover up for abandoning ur late friends mom. Infact you be ala dara ada.

    • Joshua A.K.A El'Josh says:

      Flavour i want u to know dat u av made a very bad comment by sayin he’s not ur frnd after singin a tribute for him it make no sense my advise is just go n greet his mum n 4get about wat pple say

      • Amauche says:

        Mr flavour i love you flavour i love ur music too and i will like to join you on line i know haw to sing my name is mr flower and i am from anambra state and this is my number 08173856714

  6. marcus says:

    Flavour u are a big fool bastard u go die

  7. Andrew says:

    Flavour remember dis word is not our home u wil stil go where loph go

  8. uche says:

    well I think u don’t any point here, that u re not friends doesn’t mean u shouldn’t help the old woman. u should have kept silent to this whole issue but u have choose to expose ur self. remember u made huge money from his tribute. find another story to tell not this one

  9. beauty says:

    Flavour is just an annoying human being

  10. Chinwa says:

    Flavour i think u shud b siient,bcus wen roph was alive u acted lyk a friend but u are his enemy,pls reconcern with her mother pls.if u knw lyk dis u use 2do with roph do d same with her mother pls

  11. Amalu nigeria says:

    Flavour u said u mind so dont wory abt d critics okay? Dey no knw wetin dey xup

  12. Anonymous says:

    U guys re really funny dat u re acquainted. With some1 doesn’t make dat person ur friend,he payd tribute 2 loph doesn’t mean he shd remain indebtd 2 his mother.Giving or assistin is wat we owe eachother but is definately not by force ooo.

    • ozzy baby says:

      guy i lik ur swag,no b by force 2 make frnd wit loph,abi,i lik d way u denie am self,now he is gone 4 good.any way here is my numba 08138013879,4rm unilagos.ozzy baby ur gurl,lov u

  13. Cynthia4 luv says:

    Nawa u o..flavour..c as u jx dy deny ur paddy.i no say na stinginess wey make u dy talk lyk dis.upon say u make money 4 im tribute.’ Ibu onye nkoo’…if i b u,i 4or marry d woman.na dat 1 4or sure pas…..lol.

  14. EMMYDON says:

    GOD! Flavour i can’t belive ds flavour wat ar u saying .wat did u tell us in ur song “iwe” did u knw wat it means to do tribute 2 some one. R.i.p Mc looph we love u

  15. EMMYDON says:

    GOD! Flavour i can’t belive this flavour, what are you saying .what did you tell us in ur song “iwe” did u know wat it means to do tribute to some one. Rest in peac Mc looph we love you.

  16. Usigho says:

    Flav u done foget say mclop na ur Godfather?

  17. Anonymous says:

    since her mum complained abt it.. u should have at list visit her once in a while moreover he is ur brother because you both came out from the same village like you discovered.. u need to show her mum u care

  18. miracle sop says:

    not ur frnd bt u make money on his lifeless body in the name of tribute wel sha God knws the best,becuz he did’t visit ur father wen he was alive,dats y u won’t visit her mother paying evil wif evil…..nobody knws 2moro,dnt be surpriz dat those people u call ur frnds 2day might denie u 2moro if anyfin happens bt dat z nt ur portion. . . .yes he z 4rm ur villa dat makes him ur frnd nd a broda or do u beliv in “no broda in the jungle” if u knw what is right do it mr flavour besyd u are a star,make the old woman 2be happy 4 once in a life tym.

  19. Anonnymouse says:

    Flavour God go punish u,na u kill mc loph,u think say we no no,so u that u go use him music make money,i have hate u 4 life nothing will ever make ur music sale again never.

  20. c baby says:

    flavor u be thief


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