Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell welcome son

Simon Cowell and girlfriend ,Lauren Silverman, welcomed a baby boy in New York City on Feb 14,2014. Simon was in London filming “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions when Lauren went into labour, early Friday morning. When he heard, he rushed on a private plane he had on standby for the past week, to make it to the birth in time. Simon confirmed the birth on Twitter, and revealed that he and Silverman chose the nameEricto honour his(Simon’s) father. He also said mother and baby are doing well. Their son is Simon’s first child and Lauren’s second. Lauren has a son with ex-husband ,Andrew.

The couple’s relationship came to light in a dishonourable and unseemly manner! Simon Cowell and the Silvermans(Andrew and Lauren) were longtime friends who frequently vacationed together, but Lauren started having relations with Simon. Simon had earlier revealed that he and Lauren had not yet decided where they will raise their son, but he’s been getting practice with fatherhood thanks to their new puppies. Hear him:

“I don’t think I would have been a great dad at the age of 20,” Cowell says. “But now, I have Squiddly and Diddly(his dogs) and I’ve trained them. Actually, they’re not trained at all! Now that I think about it, they’re the worst behaved dogs in Beverly Hills! No, I’ll be a good dad and Lauren will be a great mom.”



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