Davido uploads and deletes a photograph of him kissing a mystery girl


“Omo baba Olowo”(Davido), is slowly turning into Nigeria’s Justin Beiber! Yesterday, He uploaded a photograph of himself passionately kissing an unknown girl. The funny thing about it, is that he deleted it immediately. But trust Nigerians, a good number of people got hold of the photograph. The question on the lips of many now is: Was the photograph mistakenly uploaded or is he playing some kind of games? It could also have been a publicity stunt, in order to attract attention and get people talking about him. Well, here’s the photograph below:






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One Response to "Davido uploads and deletes a photograph of him kissing a mystery girl"

  1. Tolesman says:

    Hmmmm I hope d girl love obo omo baba olowo live dem alone now let dem do dere life


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