Chimamanda Adichie shares her thoughts on the anti-gay law

Since the controversial anti-gay law was passed, not a few prominent Nigerians have spoken for or against it. Award winning novelist and writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, recently shared her thoughts on the new anti-gay law. Its a must read. Read it below:

chimamanda chimamanda1

“I will call him Sochukwuma. A thin,  smiling boy who liked to play with us girls at the university primary  school in Nsukka. We were young. We knew he was different, we said,  ‘he’s not like the other boys.’ But his was a benign and unquestioned  difference; it was simply what it was. We did not have a name for him.  We did not know the word ‘gay.’ He was Sochukwuma and he was friendly  and he played oga so well that his side always won.

In secondary school, some boys in his  class tried to throw Sochukwuma off a second floor balcony. They were  strapping teenagers who had learned to notice, and fear, difference.  They had a name for him. Homo. They mocked him because his hips swayed  when he walked and his hands fluttered when he spoke. He brushed away  their taunts, silently, sometimes grinning an uncomfortable grin. He  must have wished that he could be what they wanted him to be. I imagine  now how helplessly lonely he must have felt. The boys often asked, “Why  can’t he just be like everyone else?”
Possible answers to that question  include ‘because he is abnormal,’ ‘because he is a sinner, ‘because he  chose the lifestyle.’ But the truest answer is ‘We don’t know.’ There is humility and humanity in accepting that there are things we simply  don’t know. At the age of 8, Sochukwuma was obviously different.  It was not about sex, because it could not possibly have been – his hormones  were of course not yet fully formed – but it was an awareness of  himself, and other children’s awareness of him, as different. He could  not have ‘chosen the lifestyle’ because he was too young to do so. And  why would he – or anybody – choose to be homosexual in a world that  makes life so difficult for homosexuals?
The new law that criminalizes  homosexuality is popular among Nigerians. But it shows a failure of our  democracy, because the mark of a true democracy is not in the rule of  its majority but in the protection of its minority – otherwise mob  justice would be considered democratic. The law is also  unconstitutional, ambiguous, and a strange priority in a country with so many real problems. Above all else, however, it is unjust. Even if this was not a country of abysmal electricity supply where university  graduates are barely literate and people die of easily-treatable causes  and Boko Haram commits casual mass murders, this law would still be  unjust.  We cannot be a just society unless we are able to accommodate  benign difference, accept benign difference, live and let live. We may  not understand homosexuality, we may find it personally abhorrent but  our response cannot be to criminalize it.
A crime is a crime for a reason. A crime has victims. A crime harms society. On what basis is homosexuality a  crime? Adults do no harm to society in how they love and whom they love. This is a law that will not prevent crime, but will, instead, lead to  crimes of violence: there are already, in different parts of Nigeria,  attacks on people ‘suspected’ of being gay. Ours is a society where men  are openly affectionate with one another. Men hold hands. Men hug each  other. Shall we now arrest friends who share a hotel room, or who walk  side by side? How do we determine the clunky expressions in the law –  ‘mutually beneficial,’ ‘directly or indirectly?’
Many Nigerians support the law because  they believe the Bible condemns homosexuality. The Bible can be a basis  for how we choose to live our personal lives, but it cannot be a basis  for the laws we pass, not only because the holy books of different  religions do not have equal significance for all Nigerians but also  because the holy books are read differently by different people. The  Bible, for example, also condemns fornication and adultery and divorce,  but they are not crimes.
For supporters of the law, there seems  to be something about homosexuality that sets it apart. A sense that it  is not ‘normal.’ If we are part of a majority group, we tend to think  others in minority groups are abnormal, not because they have done  anything wrong, but because we have defined normal to be what we are and since they are not like us, then they are abnormal. Supporters of the  law want a certain semblance of human homogeneity. But we cannot  legislate into existence a world that does not exist: the truth of our  human condition is that we are a diverse, multi-faceted species. The  measure of our humanity lies, in part, in how we think of those  different from us. We cannot – should not – have empathy only for people who are like us.
 Some supporters of the law have asked –  what is next, a marriage between a man and a dog?’ Or ‘have you seen  animals being gay?’ (Actually, studies show that there is homosexual  behavior in many species of animals.) But, quite simply, people are not  dogs, and to accept the premise – that a homosexual is comparable to an  animal – is inhumane. We cannot reduce the humanity of our fellow men  and women because of how and who they love. Some animals eat their own  kind, others desert their young. Shall we follow those examples, too? Other supporters suggest that gay men  sexually abuse little boys. But pedophilia and homosexuality are two  very different things. There are men who abuse little girls, and women  who abuse little boys, and we do not presume that they do it because  they are heterosexuals. Child molestation is an ugly crime that is  committed by both straight and gay adults (this is why it is a crime:  children, by virtue of being non-adults, require protection and are  unable to give sexual consent).
There has also been some nationalist  posturing among supporters of the law. Homosexuality is ‘unafrican,’  they say, and we will not become like the west. The west is not exactly a homosexual haven; acts of discrimination against homosexuals are not  uncommon in the US and Europe. But it is the idea of ‘unafricanness’  that is truly insidious. Sochukwuma was born of Igbo parents and had  Igbo grandparents and Igbo great-grandparents. He was born a person who  would romantically love other men. Many Nigerians know somebody like  him. The boy who behaved like a girl. The girl who behaved like a boy.  The effeminate man. The unusual woman. These were people we knew, people like us, born and raised on African soil. How then are they  ‘unafrican?’
If anything, it is the passage of the  law itself that is ‘unafrican.’ It goes against the values of tolerance  and ‘live and let live’ that are part of many African cultures. (In  1970s Igboland, Area Scatter was a popular musician, a man who dressed  like a woman, wore makeup, plaited his hair. We don’t know if he was gay  – I think he was – but if he performed today, he could conceivably be  sentenced to fourteen years in prison. For being who he is.) And it is  informed not by a home-grown debate but by a cynically borrowed one: we  turned on CNN and heard western countries debating ‘same sex marriage’  and we decided that we, too, would pass a law banning same sex marriage. Where, in Nigeria, whose constitution defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, has any homosexual asked for same-sex marriage?
This is an unjust law. It should be  repealed. Throughout history, many inhumane laws have been passed, and  have subsequently been repealed. Barack Obama, for example, would not be here today had his parents obeyed American laws that criminalized  marriage between blacks and whites.An acquaintance recently asked me, ‘if  you support gays, how would you have been born?’ Of course, there were  gay Nigerians when I was conceived. Gay people have existed as long as  humans have existed. They have always been a small percentage of the  human population. We don’t know why. What matters is this: Sochukwuma is a Nigerian and his existence is not a crime.



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Nchee is an author on Gist Us.
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12 Responses to "Chimamanda Adichie shares her thoughts on the anti-gay law"

  1. prime says:

    I love Chimamanda!!! i still wonder why some peeps behave like Hitler in this 21st century…. With this African-specific trend of intolerance, i wonder what the world would’ve been like if we Africans were white, and d whites black; i swear, racism would’ve been an understatement..

    • Sean says:

      The real challenge Nigeria just as any other nation has is that almost its entire population lacks the capacity for real thought. Instead of thinking for themselves and thereby creating original thought on any issue or subject, they adopt, more often without realizing it. Chimamandu – I think is the name is just a person with average intelligence. She’s not an authority. Homosexuality is the worst kind of abnormality and perversion, in the same vein as pedophillia. It is not as abhoherent as rape, murder, embezzlement of money meant for the welfare of others and so on. Still, it is a deviant tendency, completely contrary not just to emotional, psychological and other aspects of human nature but particularly physical nature. The human body was obviously engineered for such perverse relations. Two male bodies just do not fit. In engineering, you have the bolt and the nut. The function of the two is defeated when it is attempted to use two bolts or two nuts together. It means that even though the harm of the perversion cannot be seen beyond the obvious corruption of other people with normal sexual orientation, there certainly must be harm in it, not just for those so affected but the rest of humanity. It is an infection which must not be permitted to take root. It must be rooted out without compromise, mercy or vacillation. It will ruin the human race. It will drench us in its stench and consume us in its sick corruption.

  2. prime says:

    Below is the debate that ensued from an article i wrote on Jan19 about this topic;

    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    Even the perpetually randy he-goat does not mistakenly climb another he-goat they always identify the females in the pack and sniff to confirm before they mount for intercourse. I think these LGBT-Community should learn from the animal kingdom and stop making it look as if being gay is a natural order.
    Yeah, I condemn homosexuality; credits to my religious and biased half.. But i feel that in a truly democratic society (as Nigeria professes) gays should have their sexual rights protected… The fact that 98% of Nigerians are straight doesn’t warrant the the Demonization of our gay minority… They are part of this democracy, they’re part of the citizenry…
    If truly their sexual orientation grapples with dominant religious beliefs, I think the judgement lies with God and not for filthy Nigerian politicians to decide…. Most of us who commit high calibre adultery, fornication, ritual killings, rape, including these political animals who hv kept us in this pitiable condition by looting our treasury wt impunity, arent better than them…
    If my son grows up 2moro 2 be gay; yeah, I may disown him, but definitely won’t kill him or put him behind bars for 14 useful years……Let he, who’s without sin; he/she, who’s still a virgin, Dat babe or guy, who hasnt cheated in a relationship……that Nigerian who’s devoid of corruption or its intents, “cast the first stone”
    Jan 19
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    Chinomnso Ada Ogbonna
    prof ……………………………..
    Edited · Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 19
    Anoms Ndubueze Kingsley
    r u tryn to protect them,may u r nw part of them .
    Like · Delete · Jan 19
    Crownstone Ogbonna
    The other above mentioned crimes have already gained ground and can’t be eliminated! Isn’t it a wise strategy to eliminate this one that is still green before it mature? Man made democrazy therefore man can bend it
    Like · Delete · Jan 19
    -Sirlaw Ogidinta
    i xpect more frm u ma broda man, not dix trash u jux wrote……BTW if i hia u be homo eh…na me go first stone u den kari u go kirikiri……. #shocked
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    -Sirlaw Ogidinta
    i xpect more frm u ma broda man, not dix trash u jux wrote……BTW if i hia u be homo eh…na me go first stone u den kari u go kirikiri……. #shocked.
    Like · Delete · Jan 19
    Richmond King Okoro
    lazy Nigerian politicians!! always in the hunt for what to divert public attention with, while they continue their mass luting & raping of our collective treasury… 9c one Dude
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 19
    Ejike Paul Izuchi
    guy u need a hot slap
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    Oscar Uche CarMicheal Dave
    Dis 1 na “GOBE” of d highest order ooooo! @Gboskylala…..
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  3. prime says:

    View previous comments
    Okoro Ogbonnaya Chukwuemeka
    If you are not sensible enough to understand that post, don’t comment on this post.
    If I were OGB I’d have simply deleted your comment–at the most lenient action.
    Unlike · 2 · Delete · Jan 20
    Chinyere Jacinta
    Master satirist,u hv gat points there,yea they are more concerned with semi trivial issues as that while the most important things to be put into considerations loom in the darkness of rejection,anyway we are praying for a better Niger.
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 20
    Ikenna Ubani
    let give gays chance to marry and death sentence if they can reproduce naturally
    Like · Delete · Jan 20
    Samuel Osaroekiye Samexkzy
    hahahh @De Ogbo, u neva cease to amaze me wit ur philosophies. its crazy though buh I tink ur damn right. u can’t be more right. buh I’l personally strangle ma son to death if I get to know he’s gay, just 4 d record
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 20
    Akabuike Founder
    Soddom and Gommora was burnt down by Almighty God the Creator because of these wicked Act and now people of our Generation are still thinking of giving such thing a Legal Right , please let us not provoke the Wrath of some people will say Call a spade a spade
    Like · Delete · Jan 20
    Chinyere Jacinta
    I refuse to misunderstand d point he s making here,I think he is not encouraging this act buh he is trying to remind us of most crimes which have being sort of encroachment to d success of this nation which of course shld be gotten rid and eradicated by our so-called leaders# gov as a whole
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 20
    Ejike Paul Izuchi
    fuck dis topic….gay is devilish kinda tryin to say d Good Lord didnt create us well…..i jux hate dat idea
    Like · Delete · Jan 20
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    #Anoms #Sirlaw_mehn #Izuchi #OscarDave… You guys know quite well that I cant be gay, atleast nt after the hyper-ethical socialization we all were subjected to bk in Astec..
    Lets crucify gays!! Yea, crucify them cos their actions hv increased d prices of garri, rice, yam & cocoyam in d market….Yea, gays removed fuel subsidy, & hv failed to reduce d pump price of petrol.. Their actions is d sole cause of persistent ASUU strikes & d irredeemable rot in our educational system..Yes, gays are so corrupt that they hv looted & raped to death our common treasury.
    They hv stolen pension funds, leading to d untimely death of our fathers & future grand parents, and their fellow gays in d judiciary hv failed to convict them..Yea, bokoharam extremists are even gays, aren’t u aware? James Ibori is gay, Alamesiegha is gay, Abacha wz gay, OBJ is gay, even IBB & Atiku are all gays..Cant u see? If we maim these fucken gays, all our problems will be over.. Yea, go ahead and slit their throats simply because you dont fancy their sexual orientation & ideology; because what those two consenting (stupid & sinful) adults do in the comfort of their room, affects u negatively…
    The Nigerian legislature has more pressing national challenges to remediate, rather than trivialising over some anti-gay legislations..
    Some decades ago, bk in d US, gays were classified medically as mentally deranged people…This became a stigma, to the affluent & influential members of the LGBT-community, as they were regarded & treated as mad men by the citizenry..They had to lobby substancialy to repeal those medical laws…
    Today, things havent really changed, as I still regard gays as mentally challenged friends, who need more psycho-social assistance & rehabilitation from the society, instead of incarceration behind bars for fourteen useful years.. Tell me; if ur brother were mad, won’t u canvass for his rehabilitation, rather than clamour for him to be jailed for 14yrs?…Also tell me again; what will 9ja gain from imprisoning these mad men?..
    The church & mosque are right by condemning their actions, as it flagrantly grapples with religious doctrines & principles… Bt Nigeria isnt a theocratic state for crying out loud!!!!! The society, the government they voted in to protect their rights, the democracy they believe in, should shove aside individual sentiments & rescue them from this mental slavery; this simply cannot be achieved by incarcerating them wickedly for fourteen useful years.. This is practically a flagrant infringement on their fundamental human rights, as clearly stipulated by d UN treaty, to which Nigeria is a co-signatory.. “Simply because they’re a minute minority, devoid of a quantitative representation”
    Some of these gays are professionals, intellectuals, humanitarians, & large-hearted individuals, who hv impacted more on the society, than all of us clamouring for their ostracism, just because they’re slightly mad…Injustice!! Inequality!! Hypocrisy! For now, the gays are not criminals; they’re just some mad brothers who need our help…If am better than them, I’ll gladly cast the first stone without a second thought…
    Edited · Like · Edit · Jan 20
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    Thanks alot #Emmy #Richie #princess_Jacint
    a #SamSexyStindog & #sister for understanding my point & angle to a large extent… Am not in anyway clamouring for gay right or gay marriage to be legalised in our dear society, as this will affect our younger generation & even my yet to be born children negatively & further dilapidate our already depreciated societal values…All am against is a corrupt govt, which has failed the people by all ramifications, wt filthy politicians, who hv committed crimes 1000times heavier than these gays, coming up to now manufacture kangaroo legislations that’ll incarcerate (for 14yrs) these individuals i feel are mad, (who only need their support, rehabilitation & protection) just in a bid to gain d popular political support & ovation of the ignorant religiously blindfolded Nigerians…
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    Olugu Justice E. Okechukwu
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  4. prime says:

    Chinyere Jacinta
    hm!! hm!! hm!! true talk Mr Sam
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 21
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    Thanks #SamSam for ur compliments…Much regards bro…
    Like · Edit · Jan 21
    Chinyere Jacinta
    u remind me so much of a then Master Satirist who reigned during d Neo-classical age/era-Jonathan Swift,and ur article reminds me of one of his works titled ‘Modest Proposal’ kip it up our eminent educated elite!
    Like · Delete · Jan 21
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    Hahahaaa..#princess Ure so funny…lwkmd..
    .Thanks my dear.. j’apprécie
    Like · Edit · Jan 21
    Chuks Ohondu
    Your argument is flawed and naive. I know you haven’t read the Law, because you won’t be making such comments if u had
    Let me put things in perspective for you.
    Firstly, homosexuality is against the culture of Nigerians, and you will agree with me, it is against the religious preferences of both the Christians and Muslims in the country. This law basically curtails the excesses of sexual immorality in the country to a large extent. The danger of not taking a step against this immorality would give credence to other sexual immorality groups like bestiality.
    Secondly, this LAW serves as a deterant for homosexuals. They can as a matter of urgency change their lifestyle, nobody was born Gay. God knows why he gave Adam a female companion.
    Thirdly, majority of Nigerians are against homosexuality, so what the president did was just merely accenting to the wishes of the people, remember the voice of the people is the voice of God. let me point this out quickly, homosexuality should not be compared to the problems facing our dear nation. It is immoral and there is no tangible excuse for condoning such immorality.
    In conclusion, I commend the president for being Brave in signing this Law, despite the threats from the international community. Nigeria will not condone Homosexuality, we should learn to give the government thumbs up when they do things right…
    Like · Delete · Jan 21
    Samuel Osaroekiye Samexkzy
    #wow, u know wat amazes me is how someone could still not get d point of dis writeup. Nobody is damping d magnitude of moral decay b4 God and man dat homo.. carries. u don’t let diz politicians toil wit u coz dats wat ur doin. if it were to b in anoda country, mayb I’l hang mysef as some soccer fanatics do 4 their heroes, just 4 d president to see dat ppl are dieing in order to appreciate wat he has done. but in Naija, u make ursef look like a fool. coz our presidents action concerning dis gay issue may have been d only big project he has done 4 dis country. u ask me how I know dis country is not goin to move forward, ‘say for now’, is how very serious and committed d presidency followed up on d whole gay, 14 years, signed, issue and saga, was followed up to d later, very seriously, wen issues and projects dat wil benefit d country are left untouched, and no one is asking. instead, we are looking for how to congratulate mr. president 4 graduating from nursery school. dis looks to me like some of d season films I watch. wen dia is a setup distraction by a bigger body for a lesser people or presumed fools, so dat dey don’t come forward wit tins dat matter. its just like giving a baby sweet, wen it should have received d N100 actually sent for him tru u. I refuse to be deceived. THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT WON’T DECEIVE ME.
    Edited · Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 21
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    Thanks…#SamSam for taking pains to elaborate more on this point… Crownstone Ogbonna Ikenna Ubani Akabuike Founder
    Chuks Ohondu. I so much appreciate ur religious/ moral stands on this issue bcos without the immense contributions & checks by religion & culture, am afraid d society might’ve been a “normless”/valueless place of living…
    But this gay smtin has more political undertones than religious…It is fanned by d mischievous embers of selfish politics.. Permit me to now trace it up from the roots…. The United States & a particular EU nation were trying to lobby our legislature to pass a law legalising gay relationships in Nigeria, threatening to cut off international aids if we dont.. Our legislators felt that our national sovereignty hz bn threatened by these white dudes; hence, in their anger, hurriedly passed an antigay law, criminalising gay wt 14yrs behind bars. In their hurry, they forgot they were presiding over a democratic dispensation, a circular state..when d law came to Mr president’s desk, he declined signing it,…After several months, APC beagan to overheat d polity against PDP..Mr President, knowing fully well that the APC-dorminated islamic northern majority are religious extremist, who’ll gladly jump at the bill, thereby popularising GEJ & garnering him much support from the moslems, hence scoring cheap political points against d APC, whom he knew must surely criticize him.. Thats it!! All of us are heralding the law; we never paused to think.. It wz so easy for the legislature to pass this bill, while the petroleum industry bill hz bn lying fallow in neglects for several years; bcos they all benefit from d rot & corruption in d oil industry…
    Let me repeat myself for d records “if only our politicians were just gays with integrity, rather than corrupt, our society would’ve been a better abode”.
    Gays hv existed in 9ja for several yrs, they’re nt green here & nothing hapened..The legislature would’ve simply allowed d statusquo… “then, it is when they trespass their insanity to harrass me sexualy, or forcefully disvirgin my anus, that i’ll sue the idiots for rape”.. With the way this is going, someone might just wakeup someday to institute a legislation that’ll dictate to me how to screw & mk love to my own wife, in my own bedroom; and any failure to comply…hahaa!! 14yrs!!!
    My people, gays are no criminals..Their Sins aint against no man, but against God & d Holyspirit (to which their bodies belong) hence, their judgement lies with God & God alone… not any man…. #Chuks U have ur points well noted, but with several flaws which i’ll like to adress seperately…thanks
    Like · Edit · Jan 22
    Chukwudinma Prime Ogbonna
    #Chuks_Ohondu ; Aside Muslims & xtians, there are other minority religious groups in 9ja, with their respective beliefs, values & doctrines; all covered by d freedom of religion.. This in anyway, doesn’t mk gay moral; but just to gv u reasons Y u shouldn’t judge everyone based on d dictates of both religion.
    Secondly; a crime in its simplest explanation, is any action which affects a second party negatively.. If u can tell me a crime, which doesn’t affect a second party negatively, i’ll agree wt u without further objections, when u say gays are criminals, whose private actions in their secret bedrooms, results to poor roads, which has caused thousands of accidents dat has perished millions of innocent Nigerians.. Or d Dana air crash & several others that sent even prof Onwuliri to his early grave…
    Chuks, tell me any corrupt public official or criminal that hz spent over 14yrs behind bars, & Ur point will simply be justified without further arguments. Even Alamesiegha got a state pardon. Farouk Lawal walks free, Ibori didnt get upto a 10yr sentence.. Billions of Nigerian dollars remain starshed in foreign banks, & ppl guilty of such crimes still walk free today…The pension thief never got a jail term! Do u mean being gay is more weighty a crime than corruption that it should be punished wt a 14yr jail sentence????
    U talk about “vox populi vox dei” & popular opinion against gays, hinging ur points on the popular utilitarian principle, forgetting that this principle has got its own flaws(oppression of the minute minority).. Would u also support a situation where; Because 90% of Nigerians are right-handed, and the society frowns at being left-handed, if the 90% R-handed citizens comes up to say “because we hate being L-handed, we want the govt to criminalise the L-handeds and put them behind bars for fourteen years”. Yes!! Why not??!! Isn’t it the principle of utilitarianism? Isn’t it “Vox populi vox dei” again!!?? You see; this is my point..
    Its my point cos i feel that being gay is just like being L-handed. Some people are born Left-handed, while some learn it. In any case, through proper socialization & operant conditioning, rehabilitation or learning, a left-handed person can develope Right-handedness. The society cant force them to learn by banishing them, or putting them behind bars for 14yrs..Never!!! This will cause more harm than good!!! Now, can you see my point? Gays are just like the left-handed, while I, You, & 98% of Nigerians who condemn them are just the previledged Right-handed..
    The height of intolerance among we Africans, keeps me wondering what the world would’ve been like, if we Africans were white, & the whites blacks…Racism would’ve been an understatement cos i swear, we would never have believed that they are not Monkeys, Apes, or bush Animals..
    Chuks, my dear frnd & erstwhile colleague; If ur brother, friend, close relation or even you were gay, and d govt institutes this legislation capable of making them perpetually unhappy, or hunted criminals (for no crime against anybody) in their own society, am pretty sure u won’t be arguing from this angle… Am sorry if i may’ve disillusioned u by putting a foot in their shoes…But am sure if u do, u’ll really know where it pricks them…
    Edited · Like · Edit · Jan 22
    Chinyere Jacinta
    I realy do think this shld be d last of this post,lets watch and keep our luvly fingers crossed
    Unlike · 1 · Delete · Jan 24

  5. sege says:

    Pls why ar u taking this case persona? Abi u be gay? Miss adichie has traveled abroad now and she has forgotten her roots. Sorry is her case. Nonsense

    • prime says:

      If i happen to be gay, how does that affect ur life negatively? If killing gays would gv
      me constant electricity, raise funds for my MSc programme,
      prevent me from dying on bad Nig roads/airspace, and guarantee me access to
      standard healthcare; By now, I swear, i would’ve dragged every gay, six feet below..
      Hey dude!! grow up and allow me drag U out of the dark ages; sorry, i meant stone

  6. prime says:

    If i happen to be gay, how does that affect ur life negatively? If killing gays would gv me constant electricity, raise funds for my MSc programme,
    prevent me from dying on bad Nig roads/airspace, and guarantee me access to standard healthcare; By now, I swear, i would’ve dragged every gay six feet below..
    Hey dude!! grow up and allow me drag out of the dark ages; sorry, i meant stone age..

  7. 2lifesparker. says:

    any body dat tries to support or talk in of gay. .shuld be sentenced to 2months in cell, only for supporting gay in Nigeria. , . . . Being gay is against God, , ,against humanity , , ,against Man, ,against Christians, against Muslems, against Nature, ,against the law, ,against Mosques , ,against Churches, ,against me, , against my Bible. ,
    may God forbid. , ,me wen girls are evry were, ,instead of being a gay wy not hav as many as 10,000 girl friends, for maximum plesure. . . .Let us not join Some Fools wit their foolishness, We Are Wise Nigerians.

  8. #2lifesparker says:

    any body dat tries to support or talk in of gay. .shuld be sentenced to 2months in cell, only for supporting gay in Nigeria. , . . . Being gay is against God, , ,against humanity , , ,against Man, ,against Christians, against Muslems, against Nature, ,against the law, ,against Mosques , ,against Churches, ,against me, , against my Bible. ,
    may God forbid. , ,me wen girls are evry were, ,instead of being a gay wy not hav as many as 10,000 girl friends, for maximum plesure. . .Let us not join Some Fools wit their foolishness, We Are Wise Nigerians.

  9. Anonymous says:

    U ain’t wise, bro.. Go get a life U sulk!! Love thy neighbour as thyself!! Including ur black neighbour, ur gay neighbour, Muslim neighbour, etc

  10. Rebbecca Akinola says:

    I do not support Gay,but imprison them,sentence them to death,it’s ridiculous,Look Nigerian are suffering,innocent people are killed 4 no reason,bomb blast,ritual killings,raping,kidnaping,robbering,embelzling citizen’s rights etc.Our government never take any step abt dis issue,all they knw is 2 care about themselves and their family,non-challant attitude they have,Those crimes mentioned above make Nigerian sobers,and no law is abiding,so far it involves d Richest men in Nigerian,law will keep silent,now it has to do with gay,everybdy wants eradicate it,so far they don’t cause harm,leave them,first eradicate d crime mention above,then after dat eradicate the gays not by killing them,buh by changing 4rm their evil deeds.


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