Emmy Collins takes a swipe at Sen Ita-Giwa,Linda Ikeji,Monalisa Chinda and others

emmy collins

Controversial designer/blogger/celebrity critic, Emmy Collins, has once again taken a swipe at some prominent Nigerians including Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, Linda Ikeji, Ay Makun, Monalisa Chinda, Agbani Darego and American singer Kelly Rowland. Its an interesting and funny read. Read below:

sen florence it giwa

Florence Ita-Giwa She looks very nice in this image considering that we are used to images  like the one directly below. Yes, this is so her age and for once the  make-up wasn`t so over the top. If I were her daughter, I would  nick that skirt off her. I believe a very edgy chic can work wonders with that skirt and she did alright with it herself considering her  limitations. She has definitely grinned her way into the winner’s corner without qualms. May we see more of this. Someone say AMEN nah, abi una no prefer her this way?

sen florence it giwa1

Whoever designed and sold this number needs to be named and shamed like our  former Aviation monster, oopsy, I meant minister,Stella Oduah. Well, I  don`t think anyone is shedding any tear for Madam Armoured Cars as she  must have stashed away enough to retire to Brazil this moment if she so  desires. I`m still gonna miss her make-up though,winks.

kelly rowland

kelly rowland1

Kelly Rowland

I said before and I will avail myself of this opportunity to reiterate  that there seems to be a sign somewhere in J.F Kennedy that says  “Nigerians don`t appreciate authentic style so tone it down if you are  heading out there.” I don’t understand how these American singers  collect big dosh only to underwhelm when it comes to fashion. Her bob  hairstyle is whack and her I-just-woke-up-my-banger (forget  Bugatti, abeg) outfit didn`t quite cut it. Yes, I understand the need to  dress for comfort when you are traveling on a long plane journey but  there are ways of doing it in style and looking yummy. She  is a loser on this one but if she gave a very good account of herself on stage then she can be adjudged to have redeemed herself.

linda blogger1

linda blogger2

linda blogger3

Linda Ikeji

Linda and her “designer”bags Linda still represents the picture of yesterday’s left over meal regardless  of whether her bags cost zillions of dollars or not and there could only be one reason for that which is a perpetual poverty of the mind.
I don`t know about you guys but nothing about Linda here suggests that she has  expended more than 50 quid on herself and I dare anyone including Linda  herself to prove me wrong.
You see, the Linda of today is  absolutely different from the humble Linda I used to know. The first  time I had a chat with Linda was after I read her blog and her exact  words were “Hi Emmy,fancy getting an email from u….. And u read my  blog?Yeeeeeeeeeee! lol”. It is apparent from her outbursts that this was a bubbly and humble lady who never took herself too seriously. Fast  forward a few years ahead and you get this lady who has circulated the  notion that all that matters is money,the mean lady who will cowardly  innovate lies against anyone who dares criticise her and then send her  gutter mouth sister to circulate same.
No doubt Linda has done  well for herself but if you asked me she hasn`t done well for the  society at the moment because readers who compromise of youths are being taught to accumulate money by all means necessary instead of being  educated on the need to work hard and persevere till success  arrives.Knowledge is power so Linda must yearn towards empowering her  readers rather than always telling them about who bought what car, who  wears the latest Rolex wristwatch or who built the biggest  house.
Sometimes the wristwatches ain`t even authentic, the cars don`t  exist and the houses belong to someone else, yet Linda will post the  stories without scrutiny and thereby making the young impressionable  youths and some not very smart section of her readership believe they  have been leading irrelevant and non-meaningful lives and thereby  indirectly encouraging them to go through any means necessary to amass  illegal wealth so that they can feature on Linda`s blog or perhaps wear a Rolex as well.
It is a shame that Linda doesn`t even realise how  much influence she could be if she chooses to. The question is does her  smartness extend to that level. We have become so cheap that once  someone expends money on us, he or she buys our silence forever.I  believe some very smart people would remind me of the amount to a tune  of a million naira which Linda doled out last Christmas.
Anyone that  comes up with that crap as an argument to put forward against my notion  that Linda doesn’t give back to society  is apparently not intelligent  enough to comprehend the angle I`m approaching. My answer to this group  of people would of course be a deafening silence. Please do  yourself a favour and don`t bring up the “you-hating-on-her” rubbish  because that will give you away as unwise,very impressionable and very  gullible.If you disagree with me then fair enough but argue for or  against the points I raised.

I prefer the old non-oppressive and humble Linda or was the Linda I used to know the fake Linda and this present one the real mccoy? hmmmmmmm, thinking.

Well,this came  about because Linda was posting bags again and talking the exact trash  her sister Laura came up with when she posted invoices which left me  with no option than to believe that Laura could have tweeted those  nonsensical stuff on her twitter page but it was Linda that initiated  and perhaps typed them all in. Looking at these images has totally convinced me that it there were ever an Mgbeke Inc. Linda will be the  national co-ordinator aka mgbeke in chief. Ok moving on.

monalisa chinda


Monalisa I love this picture and the dress but wait o, what in God`s name is so  interesting about Monalisa that her magazine gotta be all about her? I  heard this magazine is touted to be selling at N5000(£20). Ok,let`s go on a little journey here and see what you get for £20 and then decide if  it is money well spent or money stuffed down the pit. For £20 you  will be either fortunate or unfortunate depending on which angle you  view it from to puke or idolize these images below.

monalisa chinda1

monalisa chinda2

monalisa chinda3

monalisa chinda4

monalisa chinda5monalisa chinda6


Ok, now having sifted through the images, do you guys believe N5k (£20) spent on this magazine is money well spent or money stuffed down the pit toilet? Well, while you are brainstorming on my question, my personal unbiased opinion is  that if you have bought this then you have been mugged aka 419ed,  lol.This ain`t worth more than N1k.


AY Makun

This was the puke-worthy interview allegedly given by AY. I must confess that I`m somewhat flustered considering that my guy is a comedian, so I  don`t know whether to take him seriously or not. The prevalent problem  Nigeria is experiencing at this moment is that of people not realizing  which lane they should stay on because I can`t fathom why AY of all  people would sincerely deem himself to be stylish. Maka  gini,when,why, warrom,say who die nah? 1000 pairs of shoes my  skinny ass.Well, it depends on what he considers as shoes sha. According  to this interview, this bloke is basically afraid of repeating shoes  because people might believe he is broke. Kai,the sort of rubbish that  exits the mouths of the so called role models in Nigeria is very  astounding. To think this dude has fans who might listen to this garbage now and go on to believe that to be cool, you should never re-rock your shoes very worrisome. Wow,wow and wow again. Find below, a few  interesting excerpts from the interview: What fashion item do you love shopping for and can never get enough of?  I love shoes. Though I have over 1000 pairs, I still want to buy more and more. All I need is to find something that I like; it might be something similar to what I have in my closet but I would still buy it.
You have over 1000 pairs of shoes. Do you repeat shoes? Of course, there are shoes that match different attire and suits, so you have to repeat. But I don’t do that often so that people won’t say I am going broke. If you see me repeat a shoe and believe I don’t have any other one and the best you can do is talk about it, I see you as an arm- chair critic. If you have an opportunity to go into my closet, you will be looking for an opportunity to withdraw your statement.

Agbani Darego
 Oh dear,who do we have here?Well it hurts me to say that our former queen  didn`t exactly cover herself in glory as far as fashion is concerned and the blame goes to that I-have-just-been-dragged-through-the-hedge  hairstyle. That she reckoned this will definitely be a hit is extremely  worrisome.However,you can`t touch that face as it is still one of the  prettiest faces I have ever seen.Actually,she was perhaps the only queen I reckon deserved the crown. Wait o, have the bobbies been  riffling through her hair in search of some missing items or what? Poor styling is the ultimate bitch. This is where I knock off this week as I need to catch another flight very  early tomorrow morning.



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5 Responses to "Emmy Collins takes a swipe at Sen Ita-Giwa,Linda Ikeji,Monalisa Chinda and others"

  1. witheld says:

    Who ever wrote this article about about these celebrities got no point at all, while I was reading it, I kept on shaking my head because what I felt is that he just wants to be noticed and talked about through saying negative things about this people most especially all what he said about Linda Ikeji is rubbish, meaningless and uncalled for.Because Linda Ikeji is doing well and they happen to be in the same field he wants to bad mouth her blog, say negative things that will make him more known but he doesnt know that this isnt the right way. I am sorry for the writer because he has no dress sense or style. He should pls watch what he says and not come up with non professional statement like this. He is a coward indirectly

  2. Rossy says:

    Useless post from a confused fellow…. I wasted my time reading trash …..mitcheeeeee

  3. gracie says:

    u guyz are the confused ones cos i totaly agree wit him, making money to the detriment of the youths who should be doing sth reasonable with their time is a shame for linda ikeji goat

  4. seun says:

    I can’t stand people like this, you are such a hater,full of bitterness, resentment and envy. Go get a life please..


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