Cossy Orjiakor reveals details about her accident

Singer/actress/boob-flaunter, Cossy Orjiakor, was involved in a minor accident recently. Eyewitnesses said she was driving on high speed before her car swerved into a ditch. Well,  Cossy has recounted what happened. Here’s what she said:


“I thank God it was not too serious and I was not injured. I was on my way to drop off a gift for a fan who got a question right on my twitter handle. I didn’t know the ditch was deep until my jeep fell inside. Thank God, I was the only one inside. I tried to get a truck to pull it out but it took a bit of time. I guess that was when some people took the picture.
“The bumper was affected likewise the passenger’s seat. My mechanic had to work on those sides, that was all. “It is good to trust in God. I know He is a good God. I am really grateful to Him, it wasn’t something that was very serious. We should always rely on God and put Him first,”.



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2 Responses to "Cossy Orjiakor reveals details about her accident"

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank god u are save

  2. amoge says:

    Her boobs served as airbags. Mumu geh,God just gave you a second chance


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