“I have big boobs, so don’t blame me if my clothes dont cover my boobs”- Yvonne Jegede

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Beautiful actress and video vixen, Yvonne Jegede, granted a recent interview to Vanguard. She said since she is not the one that makes her clothes, that means she also should not be held responsible for the way the clothes fit on her. Here are excerpts of what she said:

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Interviewer: You have a penchant for revealing some part of your body, may be your boobs. What happened today?

Yvonne: Well, it depends on the clothes. I have big boobs, so, if the clothes are not big enough to cover my boobs  you would  not blame me for that. I am not the person who made my clothes . I just put the clothes on. It depends on my mood. If I want to expose my back, I will do that. It goes with my mood.

Interviewer:  What does love mean to you?
Yvonne: I am a lover of love. I love to love. I love to be emotional. Love is something that I appreciate. Trust me, I’m a good lover. I love my fans, my folks, I love the people that matters to me. I love to have people around me.

Interviewer: Is it true that you dated 2face?
Yvonne: I didn’t date 2face. I only featured in his “African Queen” video. I have never kissed him before.

Interviewer: What is an ideal man to you?
Yvonne: I don’t even know what it is any more. But I think people at different ages have different perspective in respect of what an ideal man is. He should be more intelligent than myself. I need somebody I can learn from him. He should also be able to take care of himself. That’s an ideal man for me. He should not be ugly.

Interviewer: Which part of you body do you think is your  selling point?
Yvonne: I think it is my brain. Talking about the physical things that attracts men to me, it depends. Some people say, it’s my eyes, others prefer my lips and my boobs. So, I do not know. When I love into the mirror, I love everything about myself.

Interviewer: Are you not planning to get married?
Yvonne: When the time comes, I will get married. I have never given it a thought. It’s not about thinking, it is about the right person coming my way.Many ladies have been thinking about settling down for years now, but Mr. right has not come their way.

Interviewer: You are saying that Mr. right has not come your way?
Yvonne: Let’s take it like that. I don’t even have any relationship right now.

Interviewer: Why is it that most actresses do not want to get married?
Yvonne: How do you mean? Do you think that a lady would decide to remain single. As a woman, she still needs a man.If you do not have a man in your life, it is so bad. She can never be a happy woman.





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