Uti Nwachukwu’s girlfriend,Saeon, comes to his rescue

On Air Personality and former winner of Big Brother Africa, Uti Nwachukwu, has been trailed by gay rumours in the past. Recently, Uti, made it public that he was dating singer, Saeon. Not a few people believe the relationship is fake. Many are of the opinion that, Uti, got a girlfriend in order to cover up his homosexual ways, while others believe that he is afraid of the new anti-gay law in which anybody found guilty of engaging in homosexual acts will be jailed for 14 years. So in a bid to clear her new boyfriend’s name, Saeon, shared this:

uti saeon

 “I don’t like to put my personal business out there. I have known Uti for a while. He was in my only video. I met him prior to shooting the video because he helped me to bring some of the things I used in the video from England. We started talking, hanging out and then this!
We are in love. He is a honest and genuine person. People will always say things about him, which obviously are not true. But this will not stop him from being him. He is God-fearing, funny and, of course, good-looking. This affair is no publicity stunt, even though I know Uti is a big brand and I am only an emerging brand.”



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