Pete Edochie – Biography

Full Name: Pete Edochie

Stage Name: Pete Edochie

Place of Birth: Enugu, Nigeria


Date of Birth: March 7, 1947

Marriage Status: Married

Children: – Yul Edochie, Linc Edochie

Education: Primary and Secondary education in Zaria, Kaduna State, Course in Journalism and Television in School of Journalism and Television in England

Languages: Igbo, English


Occupation: Actor


  • Evergreen Awards,
  • Pioneer Actors Award,
  • Best Actor in Africa 2001,
  • Best Actor in Nigeria 2003,
  • University of Nigeria Theatre Arts Achievement Award,
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Theatre Arts Achievement Award,
  • Actors Guild of Nigeria Grand Patron,
  • Ebubudike of Africa by St. Peter’s Catholic Church,
  • Nollywood Outstanding Personalities Award (NOPA) presented by National Association of Movie Journalists,
  • Award of Excellence presented by National Association of Anambra State Students,
  • Most Creative Veteran Award, and so many others.


Pete Edochie is considered one of Africa’s most talented actors, by both Movie Awards and Movie Magic’s Africa Magic Cable network. Although a seasoned administrator and broadcaster, he came into prominence in the 1980s when he played the lead role of Okonkwo in an NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all time best selling novel, Things Fall Apart. In 1987 he was appointed a director in Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation. He retired as a broadcaster in 1988. He moved into the movie industry and has featured and starred in over 200 movies.


  • Heavy Battle (2008)
  • Test Your Heart (2008)
  • Greatest Harvest (2007)
  • Secret Pain (2007)
  • Fair Game (2006)
  • Holy Cross (2006)
  • Lacrima (2006)
  • Living with Death (2006) …. Mr. Harrison
  • Passage of Kings (2006)
  • Simple Baby (2006)
  • Zoza (2006)
  • Azima (2005)
  • Baby Girl (2005)
  • End of Money (2005)
  • Living in Tears (2005)
  • Never End (2005)
  • No More War (2005)
  • Ola… the Morning Sun (2005)
  • Price of Ignorance (2005)
  • The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005)
  • Sacred Tradition (2005)
  • The Tyrant (2005)
  • Across the Niger (2004)
  • Coronation (2004)
  • Dogs Meeting (2004) …. Anacho
  • Dons in Abuja (2004)
  • The Heart of Man (2004)
  • King of the Jungle (2004)
  • Love from Above (2004)
  • My Desire (2004)
  • Negative Influence (2004)
  • The Staff of Odo (2004)
  • St. Michael (2004)
  • Above Death: In God We Trust (2003)
  • Arrows (2003)
  • Billionaires Club (2003)
  • Egg of Life (2003)
  • Honey (2003)
  • Love & Politics (2003)
  • Miserable Wealth (2003)
  • The Omega (2003)
  • Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage (2003)
  • Rejected Son (2003)
  • Super Love (2003)
  • Tears in the Sun (2003)
  • Tunnel of Love (2003)
  • When God Says Yes (2003)
  • Battle Line (2002)
  • My Love (2002)
  • Tears & Sorrows (2002)
  • Greedy Genius (2001)
  • Holy Ghost Fire (2001)
  • Terrible Sin (2001)
  • Oduduwa (2000)
  • Set-Up (2000)
  • Chain Reaction (1999)
  • Lost Kingdom (1999)
  • Narrow Escape (1999)
  • Rituals (1997)
  • “Things Fall Apart” (1987) TV series
  • Last Ofalla
  • Lion throne

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93 Responses to "Pete Edochie – Biography"

  1. Anonymous says:

    He is a generous man

  2. vivian says:

    the stars is in your hand, you have tried.

  3. Sunny okechukwu says:

    Pete u re de bomb! Kip de fire burning

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful i wish i could get a father like you.

  5. Francis Joseph says:

    He is a father of all actors, i see him as the best and greatest among actors. Infant i don’t know what to classify him as when it comes to play. I love his act so much, even before i was born he has been acting. He is great

  6. Eze timothy pete says:

    I love pete edochie,i love him cos of his maturity and he is bearing the same name with me ‘pete’

  7. Azuoma Juliet says:

    He is rili a great actor..When he talks in some movies,i see ma father in him..
    He is a talented actor,real nd nt fake….

  8. Anonymous says:

    God i want to be talented more than pete edochie

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sir u are a Hero indeed.

  10. Akwo Nnoko says:

    that's very great abt u.

  11. Prince edochi says:

    Am a guy wish like people u so I went to b like u

  12. Pascal Atuchukwu says:

    Dats gud of u, u rily a gr8 man.

  13. Robert Franklin Mhone says:

    great status indeed. hope your legacy remains untainted.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I luv ur kind of person sir,how wish i can get in contant with u sir

  15. Anthonia Ify Uche says:

    Daddy u re too much may God bless u nd your home amen.

  16. Geoffrey igboka says:

    My father u’re too much! May d lord almighty continue to bless u and ur family in Jesus name. Amen. May d lord almighty give u more wisdom and understanding to carry out new interesting movie 4 d whole world. I pray u remember person like me. Tnkx and God bless ur ways.

  17. Pamela Bonavista says:

    wao, Papa Pete Edochie, tu rest ma star incomparable.You are the best of Fathers in Nollywood.

  18. Diamond Queen says:

    D great hero we ,missd u on d stage.remain fit n healthy.

  19. Nwite Chinyere H. says:

    We all kw him as a great man

  20. Iyke says:

    Das gud of u

  21. Joshua Olusegun Alaba says:

    I have not seen a better speaker of english than Sir Pete

  22. Anonymous says:

    I like pete he is a we’ll talented man, I wish I see him so dat he wil help me introduse me to a film intrusdry,I wish to be like him

  23. Ujar simon akpa says:

    Waaoo great legend u er indeed the father of nollywood God be with u till d end of time, i look forward 2 be like u.

  24. Odu Jerry D.(Ogoja,CRS) says:

    Wife’s name,tertiary education & details of church positions & associations of Pete Edochie not stated.
    However,my gratest actor!

  25. Ifeanyi Chukwu Ani says:

    2 be unrest I am not a 9ja movie fan but I am peter & yul's fan

  26. Charity Asuquo Asuquo says:

    He is a father of all the actors and my heart bleed for him. When I heard of his death, I did nt conclude bt google on my net cos my mother ask me to do so. Immediately I did google it, I saw pete Edochie is nt death. Pls nigeria, don't b fast to publish people's death when u don't have d evidence to back u up..

  27. nk says:

    dear papa z it true dat u r gone for real?

  28. Anonymous says:

    We all believe that God will never take your life so soon,i wish you long life.

  29. Anonymous says:

    We all believe that God will never take your life so soon,i wish you long life.

  30. Me says:

    i love u pete great man

  31. Rabiqueency says:

    Pete edochei s a father to all Nigeria actors for me if he died today nollywood will b gone foerever. So nollywood should rejoice for he choose to live and God kept him alive.

  32. Peter aboi says:

    Many many choping of rise ahead Daddy.

  33. Moriss Latif says:

    Pete Edochie u ‘re really a good actor..I can’t ever stop watching ur movies Daddy.I wnt to be like u!

  34. Goldenman. Golden says:

    How i wish i can atlist earn one quater of all dis achievements i wil be one of the happiest man on earth,cheif sir may u live long u are indid a great man, udoooooooooooo.

  35. oliver dabah says:

    make God bless you i lik you!

  36. oliver dabah says:

    is not truth i know?make God bless you i lik you!

  37. oliver dabah says:

    is not truth i know?make God bless you i lik you! so wish long life ana prosperity and everything YOU TOO MUCH

  38. Ernest muluh says:

    may God use you to teach the young people your talent .talent is a gift but you can
    still teach others with it.may God bless you the more

  39. Atofarati akeem says:

    Pete edochie, you are a wonderful father of nollywood, everybody wants to be your type because you are leaving a good legacy behind and i pray you live to accomplish you mission on this earth amen. who ever wish dead will go before you. Infact you will never die because people like you deserve not. i have a great passion fore you, carry on with your enjoyment on earth. Insha Allahu you will live long amen.

  40. Ogonna Obiegbu says:

    Name of wife n the names of the rest of his children

  41. Onyi Ikeh says:

    i love Pete Edoche.. But nothing has been said abt his real wife.. wld love to know abt the mother of those two wonnderful sons of his.

  42. Renascent Akar says:

    Peter edochie is my best actor in nigeria movie industria

  43. Renascent Akar says:

    Petet edochie is my best actor in the nigeria movie industry

  44. Treasure says:

    Very great kep it up

  45. omezipeter says:

    You are the best father and actor

  46. Oma says:

    I had that Rita Edochie is not Pete Edochie’s wife, then who is Pete Edochie’s wife and what is her name

  47. nneamaka says:

    you are really an icon…

  48. josephine wilfred edu says:

    Dad i luv d way u brought ur children up nd i also luv d way u act also luv ur courage in al u do. I called u dad bcos u deserve it though am nt ur daughter

  49. joel pekins says:

    yes he is the father of all actor when it comes to acting. i love all his movies and even the once that he acted when i was not yet born like things fall apart. i pray God gives him long life. father i love you so much and hope with all my younger ones to see your latest movie God bless you and you family. joel from Cameroon

  50. okey great movices says:

    Pete edochie is a great man in ind,even dat am into movie,but I like watch his films because he will bring out the beast in him in dat film,things fall apart,billionars club,igodo,ege of life,the king is coming,evil forset,so many fils, his name wil naver die!!

  51. umar musa osude says:

    this man is an action man i love his movimg

  52. May God continue give u strength more and more says:

    http://Www.ogbonna iwuchukwu de

  53. Omhenaka Destiny says:

    U are wonderful sir.

  54. pecky says:

    tell us abt his wife

  55. Njideka says:

    I luv 2 meet and b d frnds of dis family i luv yul and all his family dey freck me alot luv d edochie family

  56. mr scofield says:

    i like him bcos he is a good man

  57. Onyebuchi l luv Pete says:

    I luv pa Pete so murch l pray 2 god 4 more yes of blessing

  58. Umahi stephen says:

    I which sir pete ws my father i realy luv u sir cn i be ur house boy am 4rum abia state

  59. Pete edochie is the most fablus actor i hv ever known ,he is like a father to me,i wish i could chart face2face with him thanks. says:

    Facebook user felicity

  60. terry says:

    The best actor of all times i really do appreciate such a great talent in Africa.Nollywood has no voice in ur absebce.

  61. Kabba lamin says:

    Am proud of Pete Edochie, really He is favourite actor. Iam trying very hard to copy from Him.

  62. onyinye says:

    i love him and his movies

  63. Manas says:

    Long life Pete Edochie, i love u.

  64. Gift says:

    Daddy u are indeed an example to us, i luv u, i pray, dat God dat did it for u will also do it 4 me…AMEN

  65. pretty says:

    I luv Pete bcos of his proverb n’ his handsome son Yul Edoechie, hv u married? If nt I am available

  66. Celever says:

    Oh realy and reality you are the best, god have declaer it and you procailm it. Am student of law i want you to help me just as god help you

  67. stella says:

    May we know Pete’s wife and the other children.I wish him well.

  68. Simeon says:

    FATHER OF NOLLYWOOD, i wish u long life.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Daddy, i wish u heaven at last. I love you sir and i equally wish u a longer life.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Dad.

  71. Enyiepo Ivo says:

    sir u are indeed wonderful i will be very happy to be like you and even more than you

  72. Enyiepo Ivo says:

    sir u are indeed wonderful i will be very happy to be like you and even more than you. i wish you long life

  73. amarachi angel says:

    Pete others called u daddy but I called u “father father of nollywood pls keep it up

  74. Christiana says:

    Gr8 man n i wish hapi birthday my mentor, my dad, n my frnd wish u lng life n God will grant ur hrt desire

  75. mariama says:

    Pete edochie is the father of Yul Edochie . rita edochie is Pete edochie ‘s brother ‘s wife like Pete edochie

  76. decency says:

    wow what a talented man like you just keep it up mr hero

  77. chymo says:

    Odogwu!u r the father of all fathers in nollywood. U r undisputably d best of all times.I wish u longevity of life.


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