“If the money is right, I can act nude” – Oma Iyasara

Pretty upcoming Nollywood actress ,Oma Iyasara, granted an interview recently. Oma, who is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Imo State University, has featured in a couple of blockbuster movies. She talked about pornography in Nollywood, and her kind of man. Read excerpts below:

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On pornography creeping into Nollywood and if its true pornography makes the movies more real

I don’t think pornography makes a movie real, the way the world is now, sex sells, so pornography is just a decoy to attract people to movies. But it doesn’t work for me because it’s not in our tradition and culture

On acting nude if the money is right

Yes, I may consider going nude to interpret a role but definitely not to the extent of going fully nude. Besides, that is why we have body doubles.

On her selling points and how it has helped her

I will say my selling point is my jovial attitude, and my eyes. Yes, I will say they have helped in a lot of ways and will still help in the future. My jovial nature has opened doors for me in ways I can’t explain; be it in people recommending me or just wanting to help me, because they just want to see me grow.

On her kind of man A good conversationalist with a good sense of humour is my kind of man, any day. If a man makes me laugh a lot, he has a chance to my heart. Then his manners and how he treats other people count. Though looks are not very important, it is an added advantage.



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