Maheeda Explains Why She Promotes Porn!

Ever controversial Maheeda, in a recent interview explained why she goes nude and flaunts her body online. Here are the excerpts:


In your recent video, Naija Bad Girl, why were you naked?

“I did the video, naked because I want people including the media to talk about it and that is happening already.”

Are you thinking of promoting ‘porn’ through your video?

“No, I am not but maybe I am promoting it in a different way. My intention is for people to talk and to get more attention and I did it and got what I wanted.”

Despite the fact that you go nude to gain attention for your music career, it seems not to be paying off. Is it because you’re not there yet?

“One thing people don’t understand is that, I am a showbiz girl. If music is not paying, modelling will. If that does not pay, acting would pay. And if they are all not paying, I would move into something else because I don’t give up.”

Most of my critics are down below talking and I am up there. So, if they want me to listen they should come up there, so we can rub minds,” she said.

Some people invite me and I get paid just to sit down and drink, take pictures for birthday parties, weddings and many more. Sometimes, I perform, sometimes I don’t. I also do modelling. In Holland, I did two modelling jobs, one cost about N2 million and the other was close to a million naira.”

What do you have to say to your fans?

“Thank you very much, thanks for believing in me and keep praying for me.”



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