There Are Paedophiles Among Our Celebrities – Tricia Eseigbe-Kerry

Pretty Nollywood actress,Tricia Eseigbe-Kerry, recently granted an interview in which she  spoke on her public awareness programme tagged, “The Psychologist”. In the interview she alleged that there are paedophiles among Nigerian celebrities. Here are the excerpts;

tricia esiegbe

Why did you choose the name, “The Psychologist”, for your programme?

The name just came to my brain.  The Psychologist means to psyche people, to psyche their brain.  That is why we are going to get psychologists to psyche their thinking.  Besides, I needed a name that’s unique, something that is different.  That’s why I chose it.

Tell us more about it.

The Psychologist is divided into two parts.  We have it as a programme and on the move.  The Psychologist, as a TV show is going to be a 30-minute enlightenment programme where we give victims of sexual molestation support.  They tell their stories, not to learn from the stories alone, but to re-organise themselves because they have lost their self-esteem.

The second part, On the move, is a road show.  We have some celebrities who will be part of the road show.  The celebrities, those that are against pedophiles, because there are some pedophiles among our celebrities.

Are you serious about this?

Yes, there are pedophiles among our celebrities, that’s why we’ll only focus on the ones that share our thoughts. They will wear our T-shirts and make noise around the major cities in Nigeria about it.  I am starting the campaign from Edo State because it’s my state and recently, I had a meeting with my governor, Adams Oshiomhole.  At present, we’ve shot 50 episodes of True Stories in Lagos, and I was shedding tears while shooting, seeing some of them narrating their experiences, while some preferred unknown actors to narrate their ugly experiences in the hands of pedophiles.

Can you tell us some of the cases?

There are so many cases.  For instance, in Edo State, they have more than 60 cases of sexual molestation on ground. Let me cite an instance.  During my visit to the Edo State Commissioner on Women Affairs and Children, there was a pathetic case of a little girl who her father has been sleeping with since the age of five, her biological father, not step-father and now she’s 13.  She was about to commit suicide at school when her teacher caught her, thereby confessed everything.  The same father has been sleeping with her younger one who ran away, and till date, nobody knows her whereabouts.  Apart from sleeping with her, she gave her out to his friends on weekends, to sleep with her and pay him.  The one that pained me most was a nine month baby that her father was trying to penetrate.  A nine month old daughter, can you imagine?  So, we have a lot of cases.  That’s what our organization, Bold Faces International is trying to do.  To tell the society that sexual molestation is real, with the purpose of sensitizing them.




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