Emmy Collins Take A Swipe At Some Celebrities On The AMVCA Red Carpet

I am surprised that designer Emmy Collins is just writing his own fashion critique of the AMVCA. Emmy has as usual taken a swipe at celebrities who attended the event. He published his thoughts on  Uche Jumbo, Monalisa Chinda, Toke Makinwa, Funke Akindele and Chika Ike’s oufits on the red carpet. Emmy wrote some mean but hilarious things. Read below:


Uche Jombo:

I don`t even know what a neck piece is doing on her neck really. These lasses should fathom when less is more. The only good news is that when I consider the black slit cum butchered dress that exposed Uche`s huge thighs awhile ago,then this should be regarded as making headway.


Monalisa Chinda:

What planet are these people from biko? Pluto or Mars? I really think we need to bring them down to planet earth because I can`t fathom for the life of me where they access the inspiration to underwhelm.

This dress appears to be literally bursting at all seams.The stress on the seams are quite vivid and the poor quality of the fabric didn`t help matters. Perhaps the designer coughed out a king’s ransom for this fabric but that doesn`t deflect the fact that the fabric which I`m assuming is Satin appears so cheap.
The choice of color was flawed as well. Please take your eyes to the neckline, apparently the designer was going for a heart neckline but the multiple squeezes on that area don’t say ‘heart’ to me.
We definitely need better tailors in Nigeria and also designers who understand the act of quality control because if the designers had done proper control they wouldn’t put this dress on an enemy talk more of a supposed A-lister. Is she an A-lister? Yup,she must be. Ekwesili ipia designer of this dress utali.


Funke Akindele:

Kai, slit don suffer ni. Even Funke must show legs, abi? Wonders shall never end. Why these people no dey gree stay for their lanes, me I no sabi.
Ngwanu make I bless Funke with 2 out of 10 and see how she feels about that. This is just one hideous dress,GBAM!


Toke Makinwa

I didn`t even know sequins are made in Yellow, lol. Loads of sins were going on in this dress when I bumped into my old friend. One of the sins were that the dress wasn`t properly pressed but then I guess considering the antecedents of NEPA coupled with the scarcity of fuel, she might have a ready-made excuse for the little indiscretion of hers.

In sumation, this dress didn`t quite cut it. And that pout? Hmmmm, women I hail una o!


Chika Ike:

Wowww! Who do we have here? Holy shit, it’s Miss Dubai looking like an over decorated wedding cake. How could someone talk cheap and look cheap as well? That can`t be fair!



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