Queen Nwokoye Shows Off Her Adorable Twin Boys

Talented Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye,  is the mother of these adorable twin boys! I didn’t even know she had twins as grown up as this. Have a look.



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8 Responses to "Queen Nwokoye Shows Off Her Adorable Twin Boys"

  1. Vivian Adizua says:

    Wow! Love mother and twins. They are handsome!

  2. Niafo says:

    Hello Queen. I am Malian. I admit openly that. I appreciate well your artist’s talents comedian and that you play well your roles in movies. I want to keep in touch with you.

  3. Niafo says:

    Queen. It is also a great honor for me to give you my personal contacts since Mali: 00223 ) 66018953 and ( 00223 ) 76054433. So we can well get acquainted. Please. OK???

  4. Amaka joy says:

    Babe,like for real youre d proud mother of these kool handsome solders!
    I love ur work on set@damn!expecially adaurie…otuocha!i mean oops…keep it up dear

  5. Chizoba Eze says:

    Wao! Queen u are d mother of this handsome boys Hmmm i love ur artist u are deed a good mother I love u


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