Video: Pastor Mboro invites girls to wave their pants in church for prayers, Reggie Yates interviews him

In a bizarre interview with Pastor Mboro, BBC presenter Reggie Yates learns that faith is a powerful thing. Pastor Mboro is an ordained millionaire  in South Africa and this video explores his life and ministry.

This video shows you the lengths people would go to prove their faith. What happens when this is abuse? Well I believe this video would answer that question.

The most interesting part of this video is a scene where a young 22 year old woman confesses to Pastor Mboro that she believes an evil spirit ravished her in the night and she wants the pastor to pray for her. The pastor tells her to talk to her private V; he tells her to call it her ‘BISCUIT’ . In the presence of the whole congregation he puts his foot on her biscuit and tells her to pray over her biscuit. #Awkward!!!

He doesn’t stop there, he invites everybody who believes the have problems with their biscuits (male or female) to come to church with their under-wears (pants and boxers) to be anointed/blessed. The most bizzare thing is that people actually came to church with their under-wears and waved them around, holding on to their biscuits!!!! And the church sells anointed sanitary towels, which apparently has healing powers…… #Awkward!!!



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