New Music: 16 year old Nigerian sensation Tay releases new single Spiritual

16 year old Tay is a Nigerian triple threat. As a singer, songwriter & producer, he has the ability and talent to curate sounds and words exactly how he wants creatively. He plans on releasing his debut mixtape titled, ‘Passport’ by the end of March this year. The mixtape is led by the singles ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Party’.

Press Play – Spiritual

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He is currently a part owner of the independent record label Bantu Records and signed on as an artist on the label. Bantu is a creative collective of independent professional invested in producing the very best in music, visual production and art, while focusing on the shared cultural experience of the Nigerian and global urban trend-setter.

His music can be described as afro-fusion, a combination of multiple music elements and experiences grounded in his native roots. The music can also be described as Neo Afro-pop, as we feel its a step in a different direction from the norm.

The leading song ‘Spiritual’ is culmination of a musical journey; an attempt to fuse progressive R&B with Afro-pop rhythms. What appears to be a generic song about a girl is actually a profession of love for music. If you pay attention to the lyrics it can be noticed that the ‘Sade’ referred to in the song is a personification of music and the entirety of the song delves into how his relationship with Sade (music) makes him feel.

This song was obviously inspired by his love for music and specifically how it has allowed him make sense of his own life, creating a connection that is spiritual.

All these subtle elements provide the basis for what Tay wants to achieve with his music, which is to fuse an array of sounds and tell relatable stories in the process.




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One Response to "New Music: 16 year old Nigerian sensation Tay releases new single Spiritual"

  1. espacio says:

    seriously Tay is something else!!! if u havent listened to him sing, u should. his songs are as deep as life and i hope he keeps doing dis


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