Pastor Tunde Bakare Reveals That He Won’t Be A Party To The N12Million That Is To be Paid To Each Delegate In The National Conference

Founder of the Latter Rain Assembly and Convener of Save Nigeria Group , Pastor Tunde Bakare, has revealed that he won’t be a party to the N12m that is to be paid to each delegate who would take part in the National Conference . Earlier the presidency had announced that each of the 492 delegates to the National Conference would be paid N4m per month for the conference, which is expected to last for three months. The conference will be inaugurated today, March 17, by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Pastor Bakare told his church members yesterday that he had accepted to be a delegate to the conference, but wont partake in the weekly allowance. Hear him:

pastor bakare

 “A friend of mine called me this (Sunday) morning that he heard on the radio that ‘Pastor Bakare had accepted to go, that his own fee is N12m’. Pastor Bakare will not take a kobo in the National Conference.

I will not take a penny. It has nothing to do with others; that is by choice. We go with integrity of heart, it is not money. The God of heaven will prosper us.

What I say here is what I will do there. I do not say others should do it, but I intend to do that so that our heart can remain pure. That does not mean the hearts of others are not pure but I don’t want anybody to think in any slight manner that the motive is this.

This is the moment we have been waiting for, for this end, I was born. Nigeria will be saved, Nigeria will be changed, and Nigeria will become great.”

Pastor Bakare who is  representing Ogun State in the conference said his decision to ignore the allowance was to dispel any speculation that his motivation for accepting to take part in the conference was because of the money involved.

He also revealed that he sought the approval of Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), before he agreed to partake in the conference. Hear him:

“Before I answered the call, before I said yes, I called General Buhari that ‘I don’t want our stands on this national conference issue to be different. The governor of Ogun State put me on his list, the Elders of South-West put me on their list. What do you say?
He said the All Progressives Congress might not be going, but you are free to go because you never can tell how God will help our nation. That does not mean I am in APC. People have been asking, ‘are you in APC,’ ‘are you in PDP?’ I have told you, I am on the side of God. In this season, I don’t know until we fix Nigeria.”
Wow, I now understand why everyone wanted to take part in the so-called National Conference!!



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