J’odie Reveals That She Is Still A Virgin

Talented KuchiKuchi singer, J’odie, in a recent interview revealed that she’s still a  virgin and that she has no sexual experience. Hear her:


“I am not in any relationship and I don’t think I want to be. I want serious people around me. Not just sexual relationships.Personally, to me, it is wrong because I am not married. I am not condemning those who do it; this is just my personal opinion. I really should not have an opinion on sex because I don’t have any experience. Sex means nothing to me, so I can’t get into a relationship just because of that”.



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2 Responses to "J’odie Reveals That She Is Still A Virgin"

  1. Peter onwueme says:

    Dats wot i want keep it up congratulate babe

  2. seyi olaoye says:

    All this girls can lie lie for africa.smh


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