Juliet Ibrahim And Hubby Debunk Separation Rumours

Sexy Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has debunked rumours making the rounds that she is having marital issues with her husband, Kawadwo Safo.

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Speaking with Ghana’s Razz Newspaper, the Actress and her Pilot husband, Kwadwo Safo Jnr responded to the rumours, saying the news was not substantial.

Kwado also revealed the reason behind his wife’s absence at his pre-birthday party. Hear him:

“When did you ever hear me speak in public? The only time I speak is when the issue concerns my business. I will say it again that the rumour is not true. She was not at my party because she had a lot to do in Nigeria.” .

Julliet also had this to say:

 “Do you know how often I visit my family? Why would anybody want to say that Acting is taking much of my time and away from my family? As I’m speaking with you, I am with my family.”

She further revealed the reason behind her absence at her husband’s birthday party, she said:

 “22nd February is not my husband’s birthday. He chose to have his party on that day, but his birthday was actually February 24 and I was with him that day. I was not at the party because I was in Nigeria, shooting. his party was supposed to be meant for him and his friends to celebrate and make merry – are you trying to say, he can’t have fun with friends because he’s married?” “I think people should mind their own business and worry about better things affecting the industry.”.



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