Mr Ibu Reveals That Homosexuality Is Very Rampant In Nollywood!!!

Popular Nollywood comedian/actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, had a recent chat with Punch. He talked about AGN’s visit to President Jonathan and other issues.  Hear him:

mr ibu

When asked about his thoughts on AGN’s visit to President Jonathan
“The government should stop giving  Actors’ Guild cash, because we don’t know how to handle it. Some people  will go to the office, process the money and squander it and we (actors) never benefit from such goodwill.
“If they (government) can give us a  structure or land, we (actors) can go ahead and secure funds from  investors to build five-star hotels and other facilities on it, because  it will be a tourist haven. We can bring the Nigerian Censor’s board  into the same arena.” Okafor tells Punch. Continue…
“How can we be paying N50,000 to have  one movie censored and then generate N5m from over 100 movies produced  in a month and yet there aren’t any structures in place for Nollywood?  “With such amount of money, government should be able to cater for us.  If this is done, the industry will make a giant stride.”
His views on homosexuality in Nollywood
 “Homosexuality is very rampant in our industry and it is one thing that  aggravates my anger many at times,” he reveals.
What his fans think about his movie roles
“Many people do not take me seriously  because of the kind of roles I play in movies. But the truth is that  those who know me very well know that I am a very focused and principled person.
In fact, I teach and mentor many upcoming actors and also organise workshops and seminars regularly for them.”
The point in his life he thought about acting
“I think I got the gift of acting from  my grandfather. I discovered this in the early 70s. My grandfather was a foremost comedian in his own right. Back in the days, he would take me  to places where he performed. Growing up, I realised that I was going to become an actor somehow,” he recalled.
Has acting paid off financially

“Acting has  not made me rich, but I’m very comfortable. I am able to feed and  adequately take care of my family; neither do I borrow money.

“It has also opened many doors for me  and it has taken me far and wide beyond my wildest imagination. It has  exposed me to certain level where I can say that God has done it for  me.”



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