Jazz up that living space!!!

By Eromo Ekwale

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you take a walk in the park, stare at the stars in the sky or just admire nature in its beauty? Serenity, calmness, Beauty? You can go on and on. An interior decorator has the challenge of inspiring these emotions within a space. It sounds like a daunting task but it can be easily achieved with a few tricks. Now let’s be honest, first impressions count so here are a few tips to make your home look stunning.

Personalize that space

Living rooms are supposed to be living and not dead. So introduce things that will jazz up the space.  Take out junk, reorganize, and reposition things in your living space. If you are limited by space, take out unnecessary furniture such as side stools, centre tables etc. Be sure that your chairs are comfy; you don’t your guest leaving your home with a broken back. Only keep the things you really, really, really need. Point noted I guess.

Lighten up or dim down that room.

Living rooms mean many things to a lot of people. If you are like me, I entertain friends and family in my space. If the lighting is poor, you are at risk of people tripping and falling over stuff. I’m guessing you don’t want to go through that trouble. In addition to that, proper lighting beautifies any room. Lighting helps you flaunt that space you have worked so hard to decorate. In reverse, too much of everything can be bad. We don’t want people wearing sunglasses in your living room. If you have too much lighting, take out some bulbs to avoid being tempted to put them all on. Side lamps are a fantastic option for your “me-time” in your living room when you want to create that cozy atmosphere.

Don’t be color blind.

I know people who have no favorite colour is but please and please, don’t reflect this in your living space. Colours add beauty and life to any space so don’t be afraid to experiment. Just be sure to choose colours that go together in a way that they harmonize your space. As a rule of thumb; introduce color with your throw pillows, window treatments, carpets, lamp stands, flower vases etc.

“Enrapture me” in your space

In simple terms, create a focal point your space. Highlight a part of your space, make it stand out. It could be a wall, a window, a unique furniture piece. You can do amazing things with your walls like changing its color, covering a section in fabulous wall paper, hanging beautiful artwork, you can have wall murals etc. Please be careful not to overdo it. Less is always more. Simplicity can be perfection.

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