American Medical Student Auctions Off Her Virginity


An American 27 year old medical student, Elizabeth Raine, is auctioning off her virginity online for nothing lower than $400,000. She is also offering a 12-hour date with the highest bidder. She says she is well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose her virginity. She put up photos of her hot body, though she censored  her face.
Read excerpts of what she posted on her website:


” I am a sensually stunning, highly educated, and charismatic American woman who has placed a 12-hour date with me atop the auction block. And did I mention I’m a virgin? Yes, that’s right; I have made the bold (but not thoughtless) decision to auction off my virginity. I hope you are intrigued!


 My identity will be kept a secret from all but the final bidder, but I can promise you I have done all I can to create a clear and true picture of my visual appearance, life situation, and inner self. I think you will discover I am a unique, captivating, and truly remarkable young lady, virginity aside.First, I am free-spirited and fiercely independent, almost to a fault.


While I am glad to say I am very outgoing and take great pleasure in the company of men, I also admit to being slightly frightened of commitment and the responsibilities (I suppose I shouldn’t say constraints) of a relationship. Someday I do hope to meet my match and summon the courage, but this has not happened yet. Oh well, what is a lady to do?
I am not under the slightest bit of financial pressure and instead view this to be a practical financial opportunity. I will donate a significant portion of the proceeds to a charity, and the remainder will be used to only subtly improve my lifestyle or stowed away for a rainy day.


What makes my virginity auction truly distinctive is that I am exceptionally well educated, financially independent, and entirely willing to lose my virginity in this manner; in fact, I think it is a fantastic idea!

The idea was first planted into my head by a news article I read about a 22 year-old American woman, Natalie Dylan, who caused a huge public stir in 2008 when she bravely auctioned off her virginity. Her highest bid was 3.7 million dollars! You must understand when I was struck by this exorbitant figure and began to explore the option for myself, although admittedly with little seriousness at first.
 However, as I delved deeper, not only did my virginity auction become very feasible, but reason after additional reason presented itself. Now, I gladly share with you the many compelling reasons why my unlikely decision grew into a very obvious one..
My primary motivation remains financial, and I can’t insult you by pretending otherwise. I have never viewed myself to be a materialistic person, at least no more than is natural, but the potential sums involved are too large to be dismissed.
 However, I hope I have not given you the impression that I do not value my virginity, because this is not the case at all. I value my virginity enormously, just not for the typical set of reasons. I do not believe it is a sacred gift that should be reserved for the man I love, nor is it a testament to my honor, virtue, or purity (not to say that I am void of these traits).

Rather, I value my virginity as something that is very much my own and a testament to my free-spirit and independence.  I would like to add that while my virginity does have a price, my self-respect is absolutely priceless. I ask you to please keep this in mind as well.”



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