Emeka Enyiocha Becomes Nigeria’s Mike Tyson, Engages In Messy Street Fight!

Nollywood actor and father of 3, Emeka Enyiocha, recently engaged in a shameful street brawl with his younger brother, Maduabuchi,in Surulere.


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 According to sources Emeka had employed his younger brother to run his bar in his absence but his brother employed another boy named, Onyeka, to help him out. It was revealed that trouble started on Monday night when Emeka walked into the bar to confront the barman about certain sales he had made earlier in the day. Emeka is said to have employed close to 18 different barmen between 2012, when he opened the bar and now. Emeka posted a recent vacancy notice and nobody applied for the job that prompted him to bring his younger brother who in turn brought Onyeka from the village’.

Emeka was not satisfied with Onyeka’s explanation and he pounced on him.

 Maduabuchi (Emeka’s Brother) tried to rescue, Onyeka from Emeka’s beating but Emeka pursued him into the street with a long stick caught up with him and head butted him, giving him a cut in the face and breaking his hand.
Residents of Modupe Johnson street( the street Maduabuchi ran to)  had to come out to prevail on Emeka and Maduabuchi to go home, but they didn’t listen to them. Emeka subsequently went to Bode Thomas police station and brought armed police men.
On sighting the policemen, Onyeka and Maduabuchi, ran into one of the rooms in a nearby guest house where a guest was lodging. Emeka led the policemen into the room and as the guest came out to ask what was the problem, she was pushed into the room and as soon as they saw the boys, they started another round of beating.
Onyeka and Maduabuchi were arrested and locked up at the Bode Thomas police station that night but were released early Tuesday morning.



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    Hmmm. What a shame..


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