Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Are Crazy In Love!

Sometimes, these two confuse me! Just week, they played out a drama after the so-called marriage proposal by Jim Iyke on his reality show. They both posted cryptic messages, giving the impression that the engagement was a hoax. Well, I don’t know what to think again about these two. Time will tell.

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Nadia just posted this photo and message above; and the translation of the Arabic message is:

 “Rose without thorns of her will go too perfect to be admired. Similarly, people without defects be apathetic”.

Could she be talking about loving an imperfect person perfectly?



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9 Responses to "Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Are Crazy In Love!"

  1. kernifer card says:

    thats a very good move keep it u

  2. KALU UKANDU (REV.) says:

    somebody may be mad and move out of control but what of the rellation, cant them do somthing to cure the madness?

  3. Hilddy says:

    Nuella on a very sincere note,u v no reason for whatsoever as a woman who wld desire peacful n happy home to go after a married man(divorced or not). Rmb as a Christian there is nothing like divorce n d bible made it so clear that God hates it. Do u if think of ur future in dat marriage? A man dat cld nt stick to her first love,u think he wil stick to u whom he is marrying out of frustration? Think well b4 u take action dat wil ruin nt only ur life but ur generations to come!

  4. daniella says:

    Hilddy, wetin come be your wahala, why u dey mix kaikai with hineken??? who tell u make u come dey comment chikere him afair for jim ike own? u no get sense?

  5. grace uweh says:

    Let them njoy deir luv its their tym

  6. Grace Araballa says:

    life is a choice, i am happy for u guys u know love is a feeling u cannot hide nor stop nor control. congrates mes cheries

  7. Floxxy says:

    Dy are match

  8. Debby says:

    Do enjoy urself guy never mind anybody is ur time jor

  9. Ejike Rowland says:

    This is a proverb,if u misunderstand it u are on ur own. An igbo man married an hausa woman and was killed by his father in-law during boko haram attack in the north,after some years later his first son announce his engagement to an hausa woman,and he was ask the following question. Who killed ur father? He answered,Hausa man,2 what do u want to do,he answered i want to marry an Hausa woman,the elderly man ask him,do u want what killed ur father to kill u? What do u think he will answer?


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