National Conference Delegate, AIG Hamma Misau, Has Passed On

Retired police AIG Hamma Misau, 67, a delegate at the national conference has passed on. Misau is the delegate whom a photo of him sleeping during the conference recently went viral on the internet.

national confab

He died of an undisclosed illness last night at the National Hospital, Abuja. He will be buried later today according to the Islamic rites.

May his soul rest in peace.



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One Response to "National Conference Delegate, AIG Hamma Misau, Has Passed On"

  1. brown vera says:

    The delegates for this conference are too old to stand the Turbulence of this country> AIG Hamma God rest his soul and his likes are not fit for this. we need young vibrant men and women full of energy who are also sensitive to the National issues to be delegates. image the mind set of the Emir of Adamawa outrageous who ever nomintaed these delegate needs himself/themself psyche evaluation


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