Ayo Adesanya Reveals That Cupid Has Paid Her A Visit Once Again!

Pretty and talented Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya, has revealed that she is currently in a relationship and she is very much in love. Ayo and her ex-husband, Goriola Hassan, broke up in a controversial manner, but it is obvious she has long moved on. Read excerpts of this interview Ayo recently granted:


People seem to see you as being arrogant. How do you take that?

“I don’t know where you got your fact from, but all I can tell you is that I am not arrogant. I am a normal person. I am a cool person. The fact  that one plays one role in a movie does not make that person to be  wicked, arrogant or controversial. There are roles that you will play  that people will like you, and there are also roles that you will play  that people will feel like stoning you to death. People should know the  difference between when one is on set and when one is living one’s  normal life. These are two different things. The fact that I acted as  prosti-tute in a movie does not make me a prostitute.”

After Goriola Hassan, your ex-hubby, what next?

“What next as in what? I am leaving my life as normal. Goriola is a closed  chapter in my life; it is one of those things in life. Life continues.  Will I continue to ruminate over that? A beg, life continues.”

Have you found another love?

“Yes. I have found another love. I am into a new relationship.”

But has love been fair to you?

“Yes. Love has been fair to me, and I thank God for that.”



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