BasketMouth Reveals That He Has Learnt His Lesson From His Infamous Rape Joke

Basketmouth at Comedy Central Live at Parker's1

Recently, Popular stand-up comedian,BasketMouth, came under fire for making a joke about rape. The joke was not well received, as many people saw it as making fun of women who had gone through the horrible experience. Read the joke below:


Well BasketMouth has learnt his lesson, as he recently disclosed how he felt after the backlash that followed the rape joke. Hear him:

“Life is like that. We all make mistakes” said Basket Mouth. “If you read that joke again, if you remove emotions from it, you will understand. I wasn’t celebrating it (rape). It wasn’t a celebration of the idea of rape. It was just a joke. Comedians crack jokes about everything, imbeciles…trust me these are emotional topics…We crack jokes about poor people, trust me it is not really funny when you can’t provide food for your children. So every joke has a negative heat on it. It was just that particular topic” he further said on the way the joke was received by Nigerians.”

He went further to say that he was happy at the way things turned out, because he and his colleagues now know when to draw the line. Hear him:

“Honestly, I am happy it happened. Now, I know, and a lot of comedians now know the boundaries.”

He also said that he felt that the joke was not received well, because he didn’t tell the joke on stage, instead its was written and posted on his Facebook wall.

“If I did it on stage, it wouldn’t have been taken like that, but because it was written it wasn’t delivered with the right tone”.




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  1. Tola says:

    The joke is on you now.


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