Joseph Benjamin Insists That Violence And Infidelity Did Not Cause The Break Up Of His Marriage

Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin, was a quest on Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s Rubbin Minds show, yesterday, March 30. Ebuka asked him if the reasons for his marriage breakup was as a result of violence and infidelity, and Joseph denied it. He also said that he was still working on his divorce. Here are the excerpts:

Julius Agwu 40th birthday pictures - Joseph Benjamin

“A lot was misconstrued and I will not hold anyone  responsible for it because everyone is entitled to their opinion and for me I believe that when you embark on a journey like that, it is  something that, it requires the two people  involved to have a certain form of understanding. Let me go a bit  spiritual with you here, the Bible says can two work if they do not  agree? So there should be some form of agreement.

You guys should have this, certain joint that kind of links you up together and if to an  extent its not there and one feels that there is a need for you to like  maybe, move on, lets be matured about this, let things  go in a very calm and subtle manner. So  that’s basically it. I would say that (this is on a bid to being very  particular of what I say) because that is how it was misconstrued. So  for me that is what informed the decision and I would say because I am  on national television that there was no form of violence. There was no  report of infidelity. She is an amazing person, I give her that credit, I would always say that because I am not one who would talk down any  human being”.



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