Chika Ike Explains Why Shows Off Her Achievements On The Social Media

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike, is always in the news for one thing or the other. From her recent divorce, which she announced on social media, to her lucrative endorsement deals, expensive clothes & bags, frequent holiday trips abroad e.t.c, wherever she goes, she always attracts attention. She has finally given reasons for always posting photos of her numerous abroad trips online. Read excerpts of her recent interview with Punch:

Chika Ike spends Christmas in Dubai

“I have stopped searching for my name on the Internet. In fact, I don’t bother myself with gossips and negative comments about me any longer. I have a management team that deals with all that. When my aides want me to see or read whatever has been written or said about me, they simply draw my attention to it. Celebrities must learn to ignore what people say about them so they can live long and be happy. That is my principle.

The truth is that I love to travel around the world. If anyone feels hurt by this, that is their business. I love to take pictures during my trips abroad and share them with my fans. I do this so as to educate them. Many of them have never been to these countries. So, whenever I post these images, I have no bad intentions.

When Punch asked her about her divorce and if she will get married again, Chika replied:

“I don’t want to talk about the divorce because it is already in the past and I have since moved on. I am still open to marriage and I might give it a second shot because I believe in love. For now, I am most concerned with my own happiness.

Asked why celebrity marriages don’t last, she said:

“Celebrities also make mistakes. I don’t think they have a bad time combining their  successful careers and managing the home front or their marriages on the side”.

When asked of her view of  men being intimidated by single celebrity women, Chika said:

“All the talk about some men being afraid to walk up to a female celebrity  and ask her out does not make sense to me. Any man that cannot walk up  to me and toast me is not man enough. I don’t have a long list or  criteria for my ideal man. All I want is that he must make me happy.”  Chika said




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