Iyabo Ojo Refutes Claims That Members Of Her Pinkies Foundation Are Involved In Lesbianism

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo, founded an all ladies non-governmental organisation, 3 years  ago called ‘Sexy Pinky Ladies’. The organization received a lot of bad press, as it was rumoured that the organisation was a lesbian group hiding under the guise of an NGO.
To save the organization from the bad press it was receiving, Iyabo Ojo, changed the name of the NGO from ‘Sexy Pinky Ladies’ to ‘The Pinkies Foundation’. Here’s a recent chat she had with Encomium, explaining how she dealt with the rumours:


“It really wasn’t easy but I think it was my fault. I  think the name we started with attracted all the controversies. When it  was Sexy Pink Ladies, people were attaching a lot of things to it. That was why we had to rebrand and tell people it is a foundation. We are just being focused because the bad press was too much. Some members  even had to opt out because the impression people had of us. This is  understandable because up to 80% of us are married and it was  causing some of them issues in their homes, so had to leave the  group for the sake of their homes. Some remained and their spouses got  to know what we do and they saw that it’s just unfounded rumor and they  supported us.”



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