Afrocandy Explains Why She Is For Begging For Funds To Pay Her Daughter’s School Fees

During the week Afrocandy took to her social media pages to solicit for funds to enable her pay her daughter’s school fees, as her daughter was offered admission to an American University. Well, she has revealed to Nigerian Tribune her reasons for begging for the funds. Here’s what she said:

afro and daughter

“Actually, my daughter got a scholarship from the Ivy League universities that accepted her, but we were preparing, her school mates that were supposed to go to the same school opted out because they said the school is too expensive and didn’t get scholarship. So, because of that, my daughter said she did not want to go there alone because it’s far from where we live and more of a white neighbourhood. That was when it dawned on me.Yes, we opted for one of the schools that also accepted her, but the only thing is I have to foot the bills before I am able to get my money – that’s if I will ever get it. The whole thing crushed my plans. I know most people will abuse me, but I count on the support from my fans. Lots of them have been calling in, sending messages, telling me they are worried about my situation. Even though some of them cannot afford to help me, it brings tears to my eyes to see that I’m still loved by so many. That means the world to me. Some of them have even been sending in money through Paypal and bank account. Is that not something? So, I don’t bother about the people laughing at me.”



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