15 Most Controversial Celebrities In Nigeria

Here’s a list of Nigeria’s most controversial celebrities. These group of people always have Nigerians talking. Many of them seem to love the buzz around them and they keep doing things that amaze the public.


afro 2

Nigeria’ premier soft-porn actress, Judith Opara Mazagwu, popularly known as Afrocandy causes a stir wherever she goes! Afrocandy came into public consciousness, when she released her semi-porn movie “Destructive Instinct”. The mother of two is known for always exposing her body online. She has also had clashes with other celebrities. She’s currently in the centre of another drama, as she took to her social media pages to solicit for funds for her daughter’s college fees. Many have wondered why she cannot foot the bills of her daughter’s fees with all cash from the semi-porn movies she has produced.


photoshoot maheeda1

Singer and mother of one. Maheeda is better known for her unclad appearances rather than her music. Many people do not know that Maheeda is actually married to a Dutch man. Sometime back, Maheeda claimed that she had become a born-again. She also told a touching story about her pastlife as a prostitute. Many thought she had truly changed, but alas Maheeda came back worse than she had been!

Ben Okonkwo


Actress Ben Okonkwo’s sexuality, has been the subject of much rumour and speculations. Ben caused a lot of stir last year, when he announced that he was getting married to a certain lady named Emelda. He want ahead and posted photos of him holding Emelda’s breasts. This act angered Emelda, as Emelda was said to be dating another guy who was angry with Emelda for taking controversial photos with Ben. Emelda came out to say that Benson was actually gay, but he always used her as a cover for his real sexuality. The media was abuzz with accusations and counter-accusations from both parties. The dust raised from that incident is yet to die down as many still believe that Ben is gay!

Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus Diaries - ChildNotBride

Delectable Stella was in the centre of the marriage break-up between Daniel Ademinokan and Doris Simeon. To worsen the case Daniel was said to have taken the only child from his marriage to Doris, and bolted off to the United States with Stella. There were a lot of indications that Stella was actually having an affair with Daniel while he was married to Doris, hence causing the marriage to crash. Before then, the public loved Stella and many seemed to sympathise with her as she had earlier lost her husband, Jaiye Aboderin. But since the husband-snatching scandal was made public, Stella’s ratings have dropped drastically, and fans that used to love her, now loathe her.

Bisi Ibidapo-Obe


Bisi was the subject of gossip for a better part of 2013. This is because, Bisi got pregnant and she alleged that the father of her baby was Hon Dino Melaye. Hon Dino came out and denied Bisi, saying he didn’t know her and he couldn’t be the father of her unborn child. Bisi went on rampage, trying hard to attract sympathy so that Hon Dino will be prevailed upon to accepted responsibility. Instead of the sympathy, Bisi received bashing left, right and centre as many people could not understand why Bisi would go on to have an affair with a married man. Bisi allegedly dumped her boyfriend when she started seeing Hon Dino. Bisi eventually put to bed and Hon Dino has never acknowledged her child publicly. Some weeks after she gave birth, Bisi, said that she and her ex-boyfriend(The guy she dumped for Hon Dino) were back together. The ex-boyfriend quickly debunked it and said that he was not dating Bisi any longer.

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke UnScripted

The bad boy of Nollywood has had his own fair share of scandals. From duping a certain Hajia Habiba, to being locked to his dramatic break-up with his longtime Jamaican girlfriend, Keturah, Jim just seems to court controversy wherever he goes. Late year, Jim was “allegedly” delivered from evil spirits at Prophet TB Joshua’s SCOAN. He is also in the middle of  a controversial marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Nadia Buari. As it is believed in many quarters that his proposal to Nadia is just a hoax, so as to garner more viewership for his reality show “Jim Iyke Unscripted”.

Emeka Ike


Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has earned himself a name as a trouble maker. Emeka is known to quarrel with many of his colleagues.  He is known to have tried to wrestle power from his colleague, Segun Arinze, during Segun’s stint as the president of the Actors’ Guild Of Nigeria. After Segun resigned many had thought that that would be the end of the controversy. But when a new president came on board, in the person of Ibinabo Fiberesima, Emeka fumed and made a lot of trouble, insisting, that an ex-convict should not rule the Guild. Ibinabo had earlier been jailed for manslaughter a few years ago. Recently, Emeka, was at daggers drawn with his 87 year old landlord. Emeka, is said to be owing the landlord house rent worth more than N8 million. This made the old man forcefully eject Emeka from the building, but Emeka will have none of that, as he has been going around town, bragging that he will sue his landlord N1billion in damages. While all these were going on, Emeka, dumped his German-Nigerian wife, and moved his belongings to Abuja.

Denrele Edun

Denrele with makeup

OAP Denrele, never ceases to amaze Nigerians. From his controversial dress sense, to his make-up, to rumours surrounding his sexuality, Nigerians cannot get enough of Denrele. He is a bag of surprises, which most definitely sends tongues wagging, every time he makes an appearance.



One can rightly say that Dencia, is now one of the most well known Nigerian celebrities. To say that Dencia is in love with her self is an understatement. Dencia is a singer whose her face is more popular than her voice. Dencia recently got international popularity when she introduced her $160 per bottle bleaching cream, called Whitenicious, into the market. The cream has become so popular as well as controversial. Because of this cream, Dencia has been interviewed by various international media. Many though have criticized her for not being proud of her skin colour, as she became many shades lighter. Recently, she has been having a clash with Oscar winning, Lupita Nyoongo’o. This is because Lupita made an unfavourable reference to Dencia’s Whitenicious during one of her speeches.

 Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh new

Poko is obviously the queen of controversy. If she’s not throwing shades at any of her colleagues especially Mercy Johnson, she is stamping a new tattoo on her skin. Tonto always wants to be in the news.  Apart from being an actress, Tonto is also a singer, but many are of the opinion, that Tonto stays put in her acting career, because, she is not a wonderful singer. Last year, Tonto gave her fans a scare when she alleged that she wanted to commit suicide. Many were of the opinion that she was only seeking for attention. Recently, Tonto threw negative aspersions on her family, implying that she was all alone in the world, because she could not rely on any body in her family.

Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor Video Vixen1

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Cossy Orjiakor. Cossy’s boobs alone is enough controversy on its own. But she does not care about what anyone thinks. Its almost as if Cossy needs controversy as much as she needs air. Cossy is known for her indecent dressing and vulgar talks. Cossy says that she’s an actress, but lots of people swear that they have not seen her feature in any movie. Apparently Cossy is more popular for her boobs and indecent acts, than she is for her acting skills.

Foluke Daramola-Salako


Foluke was one of the most hated celebrities last year. This is because her present husband, Kayode Salako, split from his ex-wife, just to be with her. Foluke was said to be having an affair with Kayode, while he was still married to his ex-wife. This was obviously the cause for the split and immediately Kayode’s ex-wife moved out of the house, Foluke packed her bags and moved in. As much as she and Kayode tried to get the public to understand their decision, the public would not budge. Foluke’s ratings among fans lowered as the dust raised from the scandal is yet to die down. Well, it seems Kayode and Foluke are truly in love, as they celebrated their 1st year wedding anniversary recently.

Yetunde Akilapa


This Yoruba actress was recently in the news for very wrong reasons. Yetunde was found inside a stranger’s house while the family was away in church and it was alleged that she was trying to steal, as she already had the keys to the house, apparently a master key. Yetunde was beaten to pulp by residents around the area. After that incident, Yetunde claimed that it was a spiritual problem. According to sources, that would not be the first time Yetunde would be caught in such an act. Yetunde was later taken to a spiritual home in Osun State to seek for help.

Solomon Akiyesi

Solomon Akiyesi1

Popularly known as the serial husband. Sometime last year, Nigerians were shocked when the supposed wedding of Nollywood actor, Mr. Solomon Akiyesi, to one Ms Uloma Agwu, turned into a major controversy. This is because Solomon left his authentic wife(Lilian) in Port Harcourt under the guise that he was travelling to Lagos for work, when in actual fact Solomon travelled to Lagos to get married to Uloma. Lilian got wind of his plans, and flew down to Lagos with her friends and family creating a big scene at the church (Overcomer’s World Outreach in Aguda, Surulere) were the wedding ceremony was holding. It took the intervention of policemen to restore peace. While the whole brouhaha was going on, information emerged that Lilian was actually not his first wife. Solomom was previously married to a lady named Ezinne, but because she couldn’t get pregnant, Solomon dumped her and married Lilian. Solomon is in the habit of not properly divorcing a wife before moving on to the next. This has earned Solomon the infamous name, Serial Husband.

Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare

Last year whilst Laide was still married to her first husband,  Olumide Okunfulure, Laide went ahead and married another man, Alhaji Tunde Oriowo a.k.a. ATM, in a quiet Nikkah ceremony in Lagos. Laide was not officially divorced from her first husband Olumide. Laide was also pregnant during the time of the Nikkah ceremony thereby casting aspersions on who the likely father could be. After the baby was born Laide claimed that her new husband, Alhaji Oriowo, was the baby’s father and not her U.S based husband, Olumide Okunfulure. Olumide would have none of that. He insisted that he was the father because in the last 9 months leading to pregnancy and delivery, he and Laide were still having intercourse. This caused a lot of trouble as Laide’s escapades with other men came to the fore. Olumide then insisted that a DNA should be conducted on the baby, but laide would have none of that. Olumide who already has an older child with Laide, has since left everything to God.



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