Breaking News: Boko Haram Abducts 103 Girls From An All Girls School In Borno

Yesterday, members of the Boko Haram sect struck again while the country was still mourning the death of those killed at the Nyanya motor park bomb blast.

boko haram

103 girls out of the 250 girls that make up a Girls Secondary School located in  Chibok were  abducted after an attack last night, April 14th. Chibok is a town on the border of Adamawa and Borno state.
The gunmen arrived the school in Chibok around 9pm and killed the soldier stationed to guard the students.

The Police Commissioner in Borno state, Lawan Tanko has confirmed the incident.

Residents of the area say the raid lasted from 9pm-3am. Several properties were destroyed as the men overpowered the residents who put up initial defense.



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8 Responses to "Breaking News: Boko Haram Abducts 103 Girls From An All Girls School In Borno"

  1. Chidi says:

    Nah wah for these Muslims. Nah by force?

    • Adam Ope Yemi says:

      Hello Mr chidi am not sure you know the meaning of a muslim
      so let me explain it to you .

      1. islam is a religion of peace, so one who practice islam will make peace always

      2. one who follow the footstep of Muhammod ( S.A.W ) will be afraid to kill an Ant of human being like you

      3. a muslim is the one who submit his or her self to Allah

      with this break it dawn to you own understanding one who submit his self to ”Allah” God will not engage in such things

      • Ranjit Maharjan says:

        But “Muslims” actions don’t justify the meanings. So what the use of understanding meaning of “Muslims”. Don’t follow Religion, Humanity is the only religion

  2. kenedy says:

    Let do sometin B4 diz foolz put an end 2 every one of us who knowz the next person dat might be involve of D next boom blast!

  3. oyin says:

    Only cognitive impairment will mk somone mk a comment and generally refer to muslims.anyone with normally functioning cerebral hemispheres clearly knows a dere is clear distinction btween boko haram & muslims.pls let’s avoid senseless contributions dt wil generate controversies

  4. uweh grace says:

    Diz boko haram slf y dnt tell wnt peace to rain!!

  5. Gift says:

    dis boko haram they dont knw JESUS dats y they re doin all dis tinx, cos der quran tell dem to kill. Wat typ of god will tell his followers to kill fellow Human? JESUS DELIVER US ALL.

    • Gift u're silly 4 writn dat sentence shey u b kid.who tell u sey boko haram are muslims and i dont believe u have a bright future for saying al'quran teaches us to kill.whack job. says:

      Boko haram are not muslims coz they are killing both m and God vanish them all kiakia


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