Before every successful President is an eager First Lady

President Goodluck Jonathan and wife arriving in New York last night where he’ll be addressing the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations or UN.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?



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14 Responses to "Before every successful President is an eager First Lady"

  1. Iyes says:

    Absolutely, I see everything wrong. if this was meant to be an official visit, which I suppose it is as it involves the UN. The president should have walked out first and she should have followed behind.It looks more like she’s the president and Goodluck is her bodyguard

  2. Xtreme says:

    @Iyes – You’re cracking me up…lol

  3. Lanre says:

    This is an example of what I call ‘Jumper move’ by the wife of our president. She should have been assigned a security personnel who will ensure to keep her in line. A major meeting meant for the president, I just don’t understand how a woman can be this daft… Obviously, it didn’t just start today, Jonathan must have been seeing this bad attitude in her and ignoring it. She needs to be sent to Poise for etiquette and branding.

  4. Shola harrison alayaki says:

    This woman dose not only have a bad and childish voice, which always embarrass me in particular when ever she address the public, she also have a bad n childish attitude in public.. For God’s sake evin if G.E.J was a farmer, his wife is still supose to accord him respect, how on earth did she not think of what she jst did.. She needs professional help on how to behave as a first lady in public

  5. joseph says:

    i think she believed in the popular saying that if one did not do quick,two will follow.she too fast in everything.

  6. joseph says:

    not only that,she should be sent back to adult school to learn English language very well.

  7. Oby Nkem says:

    People always say “Ladies first” probablly this was what the President done, and if so things are in order.

  8. George Jumbo says:

    My simple lay man knowledge informs me that protocol demands that during an official trip of a visiting head of state or president, the 1st dignitary to disembark from the presidential aircraft should be the president and not his wife. In this instance it is the other way round. So who is really our president in this instance?


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