D’banj Catches His Groove At The Launching Of His ‘Bother You’ Video In London


D’banj is currently in London launching his ‘bother you’ video. The video launch party held at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London. From the photos, one can tell D’banj had lots of fun! No wonder he’s called the koko master. See more photos below:
Dbanj-live-in-London-11_360nobs Dbanj-live-in-London-13_l Dbanj-live-in-London-15_36 Dbanj-live-in-London-18_3l Dbanj-live-in-London-1p Dbanj-live-in-London-2 Dbanj-live-in-London-23_360nobs Dbanj-live-in-London-26_ Dbanj-live-in-London-28_ Dbanj-live-in-London-3_  Dbanj-live-in-London-31  Dbanj-live-in-London-35 Dbanj-live-in-London-34_360 Dbanj-live-in-London-40 Dbanj-live-in-London-45 Dbanj-live-in-London-46 Dbanj-live-in-London-47_3 Dbanj-live-in-London-48_ Dbanj-live-in-London-49_ Dbanj-live-in-London-4p Dbanj-live-in-London-50 Dbanj-live-in-London-51_3 Dbanj-live-in-London-53_ Dbanj-live-in-London-5l Dbanj-live-in-London-6_k Dbanj-live-in-London-7_3 Dbanj-live-in-London-8p Dbanj-live-in-London-9_3 Dbanj-live-in-London-l Dbanj-live-in-London-lo7 Dbanj-live-in-London-o Dbanj-live-in-London

Photo Courtesy: www.360nobs.com



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