Chioma Chukwuka – Biography

Full Name: Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

Stage Name: Chioma Chukwuka

Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria

Parents: Chief and Mrs. Leonard Ndukaife Chukwuka

Date of Birth: March 12, 1980

Marriage Status: –

Children: –

Education: Banking and Finance from the Lagos State University

Languages: English, Igbo

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, cooking, meeting new people and making friends

Occupation: Actress

Awards:  African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role in 2007


As a growing child, she had the desire of becoming an entertainer and as her stars would have it years down the line she decided that she would become an actor. In the year 2000 to be precise, she played a role in her first movie [The Apple] as an obstinate 17 year old who felt she was grown enough to get married. The movie was a huge success and chioma has continued in that stride with an unstoppable pace and a number of movies to her credit.

The award winning personality with such prestigious awards as the 2007 Best Actress in a leading role AMAA [African Movie Academy Awards] can best be described as quiet, easy going, honest, approachable and down to earth.


  • Red Soil (2008)
  • Double Game (2007)
  • Ass on Fire (2006)
  • Asunder (2006)
  • Chinwe Okeke (2006)
  • Dead in Faith (2006)
  • Desperate Ambition (2006)
  • End of Discussion (2006)
  • Games Men Play (2006)
  • Holy Family (2006)
  • Last Dance (2006)
  • Naked Sin (2006)
  • On My Wedding Day (2006)
  • Royal Doom (2006)
  • Royal Insult (2006)
  • The Saint (2006)
  • Saviour (2006)
  • Serpent in Paradise (2006)
  • Sound of Love (2006)
  • Strange Love (2006)
  • Tears in My Heart (2006)
  • Total Crisis (2006)
  • Traumatised (2006)
  • Wisdom of the Gods (2006)
  • Zoza (2006)
  • Azima (2005)
  • The Bridesmaid (2005)
  • Eagle’s Bride (2005)
  • Fake Angel (2005)
  • Golden Moon (2005)
  • Knowing You (2005)
  • Moment of Truth (2005)
  • Real Love 2 (2005)
  • Real Love 3 (2005)
  • Sacred Tradition (2005)
  • Second Adam (2005) (V)
  • Sins of the Flesh (2005)
  • War for War (2005)
  • Years of Tears (2005)
  • Circle of Tears (2004)
  • Foul Play (2004)
  • Heavy Rain (2004)
  • Home Sickness (2004)
  • Legacy (2004) (V)
  • Promise & Fail (2004)
  • Two Become One (2004)
  • Unbroken Promise (2004
  • Disguise (2003)
  • Handsome (2003)
  • Real Love (2003)
  • Romantic Attraction (2003)
  • The Final Clash (2002)
  • Sunrise (2002)

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  • Ilyas

    I wish u success in your endavours

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    She is 1 in a milion actress nd i lov ha so much, evrything abt ha is so lovely especially ha dressing code.

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    Such a wondeful lady i luv u


    asa chi i luv ur kind of movie so respectful jst keep it up

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      I luv u keep it up

    • http://Yes Am proud of u angel kept shine god is with ú chi


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      Wil be reserved like u wen I start acting fully,I like ur style,kip it up.

    • She is truly a wonderful lady


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      u are my best atress

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      I like u plz

    • ogo edmund

      chi you are my role model,i wish i could meet you in person.God keep u n family

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    • solomon chukwu

      infact u ‘re too much i “mean” all ur films are decent and matured my first dauther must be named chioma

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      I luv u dear

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      Chioma u r such a decent lady i luv u stay cool

    • emelly k kaunda

      I love the actor.

    • khaddy sanyang

      this description is perfect about my star , honestly she is quite different from the rest of the actress.She is scandal free.I am your biggest fan from the gambia .pls my number is 9922207 if you want to contact me.Thank you so much, keep it up,i like ladies who are pure and descent and you are one of them

    • U are a proud mother in did. God wil continue to shower his blessings on u.

      A proud mother of two keep it up

    • Vera Ekubo

      I luv ur voice and u are my no one. u are my model, u are indeed a rare gem. I luv u Chom Chom……….

    • catherine

      i like everything about her she is a wonderfull person i admire her

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      Choima you are beautiful naturally i like your voice so angelic just like mine

    • http://Google Blessing

      Choima you are beautiful naturally i like your voice so angelic i love the way you act i like most especially your dress code you dress maturely

    • peter

      chioma kep it up bks i love de way ur

    • She should keep it up

      She should keep it up with her movies.I myself i want to be an name is chioma chukwuka destiny and my phone number is 08106228569.i need a help please.

    • Thanks for being honest .More grease to ur elbow.

      The sky is your limit.

    • Onyeukwu chinenye

      I love her because she is a daling

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      Make sure God is d 1st in every thing u’re doing

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      I luv chioma so much. And I like her movies. What a beautiful woman how is ur fine baby

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      u are indeed an angle

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      chioma indeed your a beautiful and self respected person pls keep it up

    • GRACE


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      i love i hav wish to c u all my life pls can i

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      She is a very nice lady and I no her family we be so happy for her and at all I wisH her the best in life, may God bless u

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      she is the best i admire her actions , lady i wish u all the best

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      Pls wr are u from and are u married pls tell me where u are living

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      i love her life

    • Alfred Queen

      I love everytin abt u,u’re a woman dat every lady want to be like.pls don’t change be urself no matter wat don’t luk down on ur husband always respect him d way he his ok.I love ur movies,hope to see u some day.

    • http://07012224409 I love the way u keep urself.

      I like how you act and everything on your.p’se give me your e-mail am Rwandan.

    • I lov d way she act and i want 2 b like her


    • Ubah onyinye

      She respect herself very well

    • honesty ogbu

      chi, u r indeed d best actress in nollywood. kudos 2 d angel.

    • http://Kosaragodfine Arinze


    • natacha

      ur my girl keep it up i love ur movies

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      I do not only admire you but also adore you

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      she is really a nice person keep it up my dear.