Rivers State First-Lady, Mrs Judith Amaechi, Has Denied Ever Serving As A Housemaid In The Past

The first-lady of Rivers State, Mrs Judith Amaechi, has denied rumours alleging that she was once a housemaid to former Governor Peter Odili. She revealed this when asked by a student if the story was true during the ‘celebrity read a book’ session at the 2014 UNESCO World Book Festival which held in Port Harcourt. Hear her:
judith amaechi

“I have never been a housemaid, my mother died when I was 4 and my Aunty, Mrs. Ndukwe took care of me, I got the best education, I began my education in the North, attended Port Harcourt Primary, FGGC Abuloma and then studied Urban and Regional planning at RSUST.

“My aunty and her husband are disciplinarians and educationist, my mum is from Ndoni in Rivers State and I married my husband in 1993, I was never a maid to anyone.”



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2 Responses to "Rivers State First-Lady, Mrs Judith Amaechi, Has Denied Ever Serving As A Housemaid In The Past"

  1. Mdcpbd says:

    But what if she was a maid, isn’t there dignity in labor–and giving her present status wouldn’t that be an inspiration for maids who aspire beyond their present circumstances? There should be no shame in working your way up the ladder of success. M. Davies, USA (Friend of Nigeria—-Hi Uche Jombo)

    • laura says:

      Why is not saying d truth na? Was it from d odlili’s she was seen? Hmm human beings! Is good to say she was never a maid!


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