‘My husband Said I Should Forget About The Incident’ -Angela Okorie Speaks About Her Recent Adultery/Theft Scandal

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, was in the middle of a theft/adultery scandal recently. She was accused of being romantically involved with a South African based Nigerian named Prosper. She was also accused of stealing $3200 from him. Angela vehemently denied the allegations, while Prosper and Nollywood actor, Prince Eke, insisted that she was guilty. Many had thought that such weighty allegations will affect her marriage, but in a new chat with Punch, Angela revealed that her marriage is very much intact and waxing stronger. Read excerpts below:


“I know Prince and Prosper connived and wrote all the rubbish about me. It doesn’t have any effect on my marriage. My husband knows me and he knows I didn’t do anything wrong. He supports my career. My husband knows I have a lot of male friends and I have female friends too. My husband said I should even forget about the incident.

Their aim was to destroy my marriage but it didn’t happen. I hope Muma Gee knows the kind of man she is married to.  I am a beautiful girl and I know a lot of people out there want something to do with me. But I am not that kind of person. What you see on TV is the script. I don’t sleep around. How can I kiss Prosper? If I should have anything to do with a man, the guy has to be better than my husband and not somebody that looks like Prosper.”

Angela is still very upset with Prince Eke for the role in played in the scandal:

“Can you imagine that Prince asked a friend of mine who escorted us to the airport if I was going to South Africa with dollars? What is his problem? I know what goes around comes around. Prince has not reached my level yet and I am sure he will never get there. He will certainly face the consequences of not finishing my job. We have rules and regulations that guide us as a body. I paid him for the job, so there is need for him to finish it. He came to South Africa and dumped my job because he was shooting another film.”

Meanwhile, she has joined the list of prominent Nigerians, protesting the abduction of schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State;




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