Kcee’s Manager Reveals Why Kcee Denied His Wife In Public + Addresses Gay Rumours

Limpopo crooner, Kcee, was slammed by fans recently for denying his wife. On an episode of ‘The Juice’ with Toolz, Kcee claimed that his wife, Ijeoma, was his elder sister. Also he was recently the talk of the town, when a photo of him and Phyno, which looked like they were kissing went viral. Well, his maanager, Soso, has come out to address these issues. Here’s what he said during a chat with Punch:

kcee and ije1

When asked why Kcee denied being married, he said:

“He does not want to keep his family life in the public glare. That is why he joked about it. Marriage is a good thing and it is good to keep it private.”

He however refused to comment on Kcee’s actual marital status.

He also debunked rumours of Kcee being gay. He explained why the recent photo which seemed like Kcee was kissing Phyno appeared that way on camera:

Kcee Phyno MTVMama

“Phyno was talking very close to his ear because they were in the club and the music was very loud. It was a motion picture and the camera angle made the picture appear as if they were kissing. Even if they were gay, is it in a club or a public place they would be kissing?”



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