Primate Ayodele Reveals His Prophecies Concerning Boko Haram

Founder/Spiritual Head of Inri Evangelical Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, recently revealed in a press statement what he foresaw concerning Boko Haram, the abducted Chibok girls and the state of the nation in general. He said he foresaw Borno state government’s hand in the abduction of Chibok girls and he also foresaw that Boko Haram will be defeated some day. Hear him:

primate ayodele

“We have said it before that there would be foreign intervention in the fight against Boko Haram. We said it before that Nigerian Government was incapable of defeating the sect all alone. I still foresee Boko Haram attacking major government buildings and high rise buildings around Nigeria. Even Aso Rock is not safe. Boko Haram is not alone in the terror act. There are three major sects involved in fighting the government and what they are fighting for is the disintegration of Nigeria and people sponsoring the programme are within and outside the country and are in President Jonathan’s government. Let the Govt take the warnings from God serious on all matters. Nigeria’s Vice President, Namadi Sambo must be very careful so they would not sacrifice his office to stabilize the PDP.
All of the Abducted Chibok School girls will not be released by Boko Haram. America knew the genesis of Boko Haram in Nigeria. Yes they will make some positive impacts but their intervention will not receive much results.
I also foresaw the Borno State Government hand in the abduction of the girls. Boko Haram will be defeated but a deadlier sect which is now in Nigeria will cause more havoc than Boko Haram.

We are still maintaining that Boko haram leader, Shekau, will not be captured alive but he will be killed in the battle front. God said that Boko Haram will be weakened spiritually and then they will be defeated physically.”



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