Nike Oshinowo Talks About Her Journey To Motherhood; Reveals She Knows The Father Of Her Babies

Ex-beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo, is obviously very fond of her set of twin babies which she welcomed last year, in December 2013. Nike suffers from Endometriosis which has made it difficult for her to have children of her own. Her babies were born through a surrogate mother & Nike says that she knows their father. She spoke on her journey to becoming a mother in a recent interview with Hello! Nigeria. It’s a beautiful interview & I wish her the very best. Read excerpts below:

nike oshinowo twins
On why she decided to go the route of surrogacy, she said:

“I was out of my marriage and I was lying in bed, talking to my God.”Okay, so, here I am, is this what you want for me? Please tell me the next step. What am I supposed to do now? And I fell asleep. As I slept, I felt a tug on the bedding and I opened my eyes, there is nothing and so I look at the bottom of my bed to see a little child tugging at the bottom of my duvet. It was a little girl so I carried her, put her on my bed and she played while I slept. She would always come in my sleep and play and then I would put her on my bed, we would play and then we would sleep. The one day I thought ‘This little girl I keep seeing in my dreams, maybe I can have a child. Maybe it is God’s way of telling me its time. I take my iPad while lying in bed and I start surfing the net all the while thinking I have Endometriosis. I literally typed in Google search ‘what is the best way to have a child if you have extreme Endometriosis? I hit search and it came out!”
On why her children are of mixed race, she said:

“I know the father of children. Is he Caucasian? Have you seen the rest of my family? That is what my family look like. I chosen to have my children look like the rest of my family. I chose to have them look like their cousins…they are all the same colour.”

She reveals why her children are bearing her own surname and not that of their father:

“My children bear Oshinowo. It is a very good surname to have. My daughter’s name is Faramade Oyinkansola Aduke and my son’s name is Abayomi Oluwatobilola Akanni. My mother gave them their Orikis – Aduke and Akanni. I chose their other names. I am Yoruba and we typically do not choose our children’s names by ourselves. The families choose it. I had to tell my mother I had chosen the names because they were the names the children in my dream had called each other. I simply translated those nicknames into my native language.”

She also spoke on her marriage to her ex-husband, Dr Soleye, she reveals she listened to her heart instead of her head:
“To answer your question, the attraction to Dr Tunde Soleye was his mind. I can’t really explain it but I am not a highly sexual person. In which case, you have to be able to be attracted by other things and he has a phenomenal mind. Don’t forget I wasn’t 18 or 20 or even twenty-five at the time. I was forty. But I have to say I was very much in love. Was I …guided? More by heart than my head. Isn’t that nice to be sometimes”.



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