Toyin Aimakhu Says She Regrets Exposing Her Body Earlier In Her Career

Marital life has really changed a lot of things for Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson. She says that she regrets exposing her body earlier in her career. She also told Encomium that since she stopped exposing her body, she now has more mature and quality fans.  Read excerpts below:

toyin aimakhu

“I have learnt my lesson. People don’t like those who expose their bodies in public. Celebrities can do it abroad but it is alien to our own culture. I was young and carefree and had nobody to caution me. It took my husband to enlighten me and make me see my mistakes. He helped me to realize I am a role model and have influence on my fans. I have realized these things now and it has helped me to have mature and quality fans who now show more interest in my personality and works. I now encourage other people. Ever since then, my fortune has changed. I now have quality jobs and offers. I want to model my life after Omotola and Joke Sylvia whom I see as my role model.”



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  1. dolapo says:

    u rock role model,i kal u my 2nd momma……al fnkz 2 ur hubby,May ur luv continue to grow….lukin 4ward 2 see yah 2 1 day


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