Ladies, Stephanie Okereke Wants You To Answer This

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke-Linus, posed this question to her female fans. Read below:

Stephanie Okereke Kanekalon2

Ladies, what kind of man appeals to you?

If you have to choose from the profile of these two guys, who will you pick…

Guy A

Works a 9-5. Isn’t always available because of his tight schedule. Gives good loving. Very handsome. Not enough money; buys a lot of things on credit. Monogamous and very kind. Lives in a two bedroom. Promising a good fun relationship.

Guy B

Owns a business. Has enough time on his hands. Not romantic. Average looks. Lots of money. Travels all around the world. Keeps more than one woman. Lives in a mansion in Ikoyi. Promising a walk to the altar.

So who will it be, ladies?

Pick your man!





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