Dino Melaye’s New Wife Has Left Him!


There’s a popular saying that goes-‘The cane that was used to flog the first wife, will also be used to flog the second wife’. This is true in the case of the very controversial ex-lawmaker, Hon Dino Melaye & his wife of less than 6 months, Alero Falope. Ending of last year/beginning of this year, saw a big media drama in the household of Hon Dino Melaye. You see, Hon Melaye was once married to his ex-wife, Tokunbo Melaye, for 10 years. According to Tokunbo, Hon Melaye, is a wife beater and apart from it, he was cheating on her with, Alero Falope, whose father is said to be a minister in one of the orthodox churches. Well, the latest gist is that, Alero, the new wife, has also moved out of Hon Dino’s house as a result of his wife-beating behaviour. Alero, who is said to be about five months pregnant moved out this morning, telling friends that Dino was also hitting her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Sources also say that this will not be the first time she would be walking out on their marriage. But this time, it’s final. The couple got married traditional in Dec. 2013. Meanwhile, a member of Tokunbo Melaye’s family, has also tweeted confirming the incident:

dino1 dino2





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One Response to "Dino Melaye’s New Wife Has Left Him!"

  1. amoge says:

    hahaha…I yaff laff…lol….so alero thought she will reign in another womans house? karma is a bitch


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