Beyonce And Jay Z Are Reportedly Keeping Their Distance From Kanye And Kim

Ok,so rumor has it that the power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce have ceased all contact with pal Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian. Rumor or not, Kim has been trying to get pretty close to the stars for the past two years! This is painful naw….haba!
A source tells OK Magazine,

“When the rappers were on tour, Beyonce was forced to sit with Kim at shows and hang with her after, and she put up with it through gritted teeth”.

The newlyweds had even been spending more time at their New York apartment, just two blocks away from Jay and Beyonce’s home there, all in a bid to get North West to Bond with Blue Ivy,but that isn’t working as planed.

The source goes further to state that, the superstars are fed up with being associated with the Kardashian brand…..Chai!

“Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama surrounding their absence at the Kimye wedding”.

“Jay made it clear to Kanye that he doesn’t approve of the choices he’s making in his personal life and it will end in disaster for his career”

Nawa oh! This takes snubbing to a whole other level,don’t you think?
Source : OK Magazine



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