10 Important Tips For Upcoming Artists – Vavavoom Of Skuki

Talented singer, Vavavoom of Skuki, shared 10 important tips for upcoming artists. He also emphasised the importance of hardwork over talent. He shared the tips on his twitter page. Read below:

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“I’v got 10 points I want to share wit up coming artistes..I’m not where I want 2 be yet but av bn arnd for somtime n I’v got some xprience& insights I can share wit artists tryin 2 come tru d ranks.”

1)Hardwrk is more imptant dan talent.While no one can dispute d imprtance of talent,its harwrk dat’ll get u 2 where u wan 2 b and kip u dere

1b)Look arnd u.D most successful peeps r nt rili d most talented. Keep working hard

2)No one knows u so no one will promote ur songs 4 u.U have to do it yourself.U av 2 hustle every day.It’s hard but not impossible.

2b)whilst stil stayin in ibadan,we once slept in unilag gardens after a talent show we came 4 in lagos cus we dint av moni to sleep in hotel

3) Dont sing 1 track hoping d world is waiting 4 it. Put 2geda lots of tracks. U dnt know the one dat will blow.

3b)Even when one song blows, don’t relent. We made d mistake with Banger. Dont let dat hapun 2 u.

4) Av ur songs with u all d time. On a cd, in a flash etc.U dont know when help can come

4b)A dj wantd to help an artiste promote his song after d artist pleaded. D dj asked 4 d cd& d artists started stories. Dats a poor attitude

5)No one will invite u 4 shows & parties. Be ready to perform 4 free.

5b)I’m not talkin of goin 2 major show organizers 2 put u on d show.Most times they won’t,even 4 free.Go 2 smaller shows,sho dem wat uv got

6)Get a youtube channel.Its free.Upload ur songs and share itonline.Someone with huge followership can stumble on it n share wit his friends
7)Get a twitter,instagram n facebook account.Get ur friends dat av large contacts on facebook n twitter 2 share your songs n evrytin about u
8)U dont av money to shoot a video yet,so u can create viral videos. U can borrow a camera or even use a good fone.
8b)U can create a dance step 4 ur song,upload on youtube.U can get someone 2 twerk.Let ur imaginations run wild.Share on facebok,twitter etc
9)Work 4 free with people in d industry or dose dat can financially help u. Bovi was RMD’s pa for years.
9b)Wen u are wit dem,work hard n be honest.If dem send u go buy fuel,if change remain N50 hand it back.
9c)Peeps are watching.Honest peeps are scarce. Wen u distinguish urself,help will come.
 10)Believe in God and believe in the abilities He has given u.
10b)People will insult u, Call u names. Close ur eyes to online abuse. If u take dem too seriously, u go cry. Dem no be God.
10c)Take d constructive criticisms. Remain steadfast. Forge ahead. You will succeed IJN.



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