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Ebolaphobia is the new term in town as panic has swept through Nigeria and beyond in the wake of the lethal virus. The campaign has seen so much twists and turns such that the fear of the disease is causing more harm than the disease itself. But from all we have heard and seen in the past few weeks, to doubt the existence of ebola will be the height of stupidity. It is real and it kills and everyone should take all precautionary measures suggested by health organisations.

That being said, there are still so many confusing angles on the disease that need clarification. Are we talking about the same highly contagious ebola virus that was first discovered in Congo in 1976? If so, how did it disappear only to resurface with a big-bang 38 years later? Did they find the cure in 1976? If they did, how is it that there’s no more cure for it today? Let’s say they didn’t find the cure back in 1976, but how was it contained? Why can’t they apply the same method to the present outbreak? Isn’t it weird how this supposedly highly contagious virus went dormant and made a perfectly timed comeback 38 years later, just about the same time an American pharmaceutical company developed a secret serum for it?

Are they saying that the Congolese that were infected in 1976 didn’t mingle with families or other natives in their communities? Or were they diagnosed the same minute they got infected and isolated immediately for quarantine before they could hug, kiss or make love to their wives and mingle with others? Can somebody please fill in these gaps for me?

Why are they causing panic with this disease? Who benefits from this pandemonium? We are not the same stone-age Africans, so they should come up with a better marketing strategy for their drugs. This is just the same template that was used in marketing AIDS. We need something better and more convincing. We are already too familiar with this same hysterics, this same “OMG”, the world is coming to an end and we are all going to die formula. Hasn’t HIV/AIDS virus been here for over 40 years now and has the world ended?

They are marketing ebola like the 3D version of AIDS and again we are all running helter skelter, scared of touching anything or anybody in the process. We can contract the ebola virus from a doorknob, a hand shake, or touching a contaminated body fluid. But can everybody please calm down for a minute and let’s reason this issue properly? because we might all actually end up dying from panic instead of the real deal.

I am trying to think out here, if there’s truly no cure for ebola, then what are all the foreign aid workers still doing at those clinics where they are at risk of contracting the same virus with a 99.9% mortality rate? Well maybe they knew from the outset that they would be flown back to America and get cured with a secret serum.

Ebola is a contagious disease, but if it is that contagious as we are being made to believe, one would expect the whole of Congo to have been wiped off the earth by now. Africans live in a communal system where everybody hugs, kisses, shakes hands and shares almost everything from buckets to bathrooms and latrines.

W.H.O. has come out screaming that ebola is not airborne but the Canadian Public Health Department says ebola can be airborne because if a person coughs or sneezes or vomits, some of the droplets with the virus travel through the air. So whose report do we believe?

How do we define “contact” in the ebola context, if it spreads only by bodily fluids? Did the 70 people on the flight with Mr. Sawyer the Liberian diplomat actually touch his body fluids? Did they touch his vomit, faeces or sweat? Did he sneeze on them? How did they come into contact with him? So much conflicting talks of how ebola kills but none is clear on exactly how individuals can be really exposed. Health officials need to fill in the blanks. The ignorance of the situation and the panic it is causing will eventually kill more people than the virus itself.

We were bamboozled and sent scampering when they discovered AIDS, but the same smart individuals who discovered and christened it HIV/AIDS decided in all smartness that an anti retro-viral suppressant is more essential to victims than a permanent cure. They have made us aware that a permanent cure to AIDS would be against their interest. They have created a sick world where the strong prey on the weak and the intelligent few thrive on the ignorance of others. The same smart guys that invented computer virus got celebrated for inventing the anti virus.

Now another set of smart thinking individuals and their pharmaceutical companies are about to have a fat pay cheque with their newly invented ebola vaccines. Panicked Nigerians are already getting fleeced with fake ebola hand sanitisers. Whenever a pharmaceutical company wants to push a new drug, they come out with a new disease or enhance the potency of an old one with their media machine.

These pharmaceutical companies know that in population, Lagos is the size of most American cities and Nigeria is more than half the size of the US, that Nigerians will be scared knowing that if ebola gets a foothold here, the body count will make the kwashiorkor epidemic of the Biafran war look like a cupcake. And therefore we will automatically grab the $200m Intervention Fund from the World Bank. After which their health arm will voluntarily introduce the cure for ebola to our shores and save the day. For Christ’s sake, how much longer will this continue?

How many people will have to die before the rest of the world finally gets off its duff and stop using Africa as a guinea pig for every new medical invention? They say Africa has found it pretty hard to buy her way out of ignorance. Is the $200m thrown at ebola supposed to change the same ignorant and superstitious Africa?

This same attitude of throwing money at Africa is precisely what guarantees the spread of diseases. And if ignorant locals are the reason the virus became an outbreak, haven’t “The big AIDS and how to get it campaign” been in effect in America and beyond for decades already? So how is it that the spread of ebola in Africa is being blamed on ignorant locals? Something stinks here, and someone is going to have to cough up the truth before it’s too late.

Please we all should be very careful as we go about our daily affairs and adhere to all safety measures prescribed by health authorities. The cure for ebola will be found soon, if it’s not already cooling off in the vaults of a lab somewhere. The disease is predictably going out of control because of the panic surrounding it. By choosing to heighten its effects, we are only rolling the dice, instead of taking matters into our own hands.



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One Response to "After Ebola What Next?- Etcetera Writes"

  1. Gabrielle Manuels says:

    My problem with Nigerians is that we lack a reading culture and as such believe anything a seemingly exposed person says. I think we should read more about ebola and avoid hear say. Yes ebola has been in existence for the past 38 years and it began in congo. It will surprise you to know that since 1976, congo has experienced ebola out break more thatn 3 times in various years. In 2007 and 2008 sudan and Uganda respectively experienced ebola out breaks and so have some other countries. But trust Nigerians we know how to escalate issues. Even countries with more causalties are not as troubled as we are. Of course ebola is a deadly disease, the worst ever, in fact when an ebola patient dies, he is often disposed than given a funeral. Ebola has 5 types of which 4 can kill a human being. The specie of ebola today is rather the worst kind. However the panic associated with ebola in Nigeria especially, is very alarming. Ebola as a virius on its own is very weak and lacks the ability to replicate it self but rather uses enzymes in the human system as a fuel to do so. What ebola does is turn ur system against you until it cause bleeding from eyes, nose etc and other syptoms associated with it. If unlucky such individual may die. Also your body system which aids ebola to commit all these havoc, has the same power to fight against it. I encourage us all to carry out our own little research and we will find that other countries like congo Uganda Gabon that experienced this out break, had quite a number of patients who didn’t die from it but rather their body systems were able to fight for them. We should note here that these countries aren’t better than Nigeria health wise so it was not that they found a cure or had a better quarantine system. The substance found in ebola according to medical persons is similar to that found in pus (which is a yellowish protein-rich fluid that results from accumulation of white blood cells). We should enlighten ourselves rather than promote fear. Ebola is deadly, yes, but not as contagious as people make it sound. Ebola can only be contract via body fluids; sweat saliva semen vomit etc and the patient in question has to have full blown ebola. That is ebola cannot be transmitted at an early stage. A person who has ebola is rather weak, sick and too lazy to move about (Patrick Sawyer is an exemption, I don’t knw why he would travel sick if he didn’t have a motive. Oh well God forgive him). So you see ebola is not as contagious as we make it seem. People with high risk of contracting ebola are people treating ebola patient (mostly health workers), those living with ebola patients, or those who eat meat containing ebola. Other than these three groups of oersins, we can say that the risk is rather low. As for health workers, even though they treat ebola patients, once thet are well protect with all the necessary outfits and instruments and observe proper medical practice, they are not at so much risk. For heaven’s sake you cannot contract ebola by touching ”infected money”. All we have to do is adhere to necessary precautions by washing you hands as the virus can easily be killed by cleaning agents, take every sick person to the hospital asap, of course have protected sex and please Nigerians help by agreeing to be quarantined if diagnosed with ebola rather than being on the run. That is my greatest fear for the quick spread of ebola. Let us try and enlighten and educate ourselves by reading more not just about ebola but every issue concerning us as individuals, to avoid hear say and believing what a “glorified illiterate”says. The holy book says “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, I can’t believe that some educate Nigerians actually drank salt water and had their baths with it. There have been reported case of death and hospital addmissions because of that misinformation even more that the so called ebola has caused. Let us stop spreading false rumors and fear and let us join in the fight to eradicate ebola like other nations have in past times. Remember the holy book says “Fear not” 365 times. Our Heavenly Father reminds us 365 days every year of our lives not to be afraid because if He is with us, Ebola cannot be against us.


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