President Jacob Zuma Accused Of Witchcraft! Mermaids Found In Nkandla’s “Fire Pool”!

Two live mermaids were allegedly discovered in a pool near South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma’s home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema, accused the President of witchcraft after a supposedly leaked picture showing the mermaids had circulated on social networks. Malema has accused President Zuma of  using the mermaids to prevent him from losing his place in leadership.

A spokesperson for the Presidency, Mac Maharaj, said the mermaids were real and that Zuma was not aware of their existence. Hear him:

“The president of the republic, Jacob Zuma, would like to set on record that although the two mermaids were discovered in a pool situated inside his Nkandla homestead, he was not aware of their existence. The Office of the Presidency will be in a better position to comment once an investigation by the security cluster has been concluded.”

Reports also indicate that the mermaids were killed and taken to a research facility in Durban.




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21 Responses to "President Jacob Zuma Accused Of Witchcraft! Mermaids Found In Nkandla’s “Fire Pool”!"

  1. Sut says:

    Ya sure, we all idiots here. we no brains. mermaids walk over S. Africa from sea To his holiness’s Nkandla because Zuma has best pool!

  2. themba says:


  3. themba says:

    Statues he bought from Italy, What Mermaids

  4. themba says:


  5. Ricky says:

    maybe they fell from the sky in his luxurious pool!!!

  6. mashudu says:

    Mr president went too far this is unacceptable is this how we r represented on international stage his drgging the country down with him soon it will be shamefull to be a south african

  7. Bernard says:

    So Father Christmas and Easter Bunny are true

  8. Tumelo says:

    Everyone loves Nkandla even the mermaids… they must have supernatural powers to grow legs and snick into Zuma’s expensive pool, maybe we should ask them were did Zuma get the money to build his home

  9. NthobaTT says:

    hobaneng moetapele wa naha ya rona a tlameha ho dula a hlaha ka ntho tse mpe bathong…. Mac Maharaj stop protecting the man please….

  10. J Child says:

    Lonke unqulo lobuxoki kunye nezopolitiko ziyabhencwa. Yes do obey their authority but Thembela ngoYehovah umdali wezulu nomhlaba. They all under Satan’s guidance even though they’v been blinded to believe they do right and now that the devil has reviled himself, they are too scared to turn back to righteousness and so they they will keep blinding you so they are not alone. Beware and read the bible with a clear mind and heart! Jehovah loves us!

  11. tbos says:

    we children of God know that the devil never hides himself people who lack spiritual eyes will not understand the spell that most leaders are under. I dont say that this is true as was not there when these so called creatures were found but what i can say is that WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR LAND WE NEED TO PRAY FOR RESTORATION OF SOUTH AFRICA WE NEED HOLY INTERVENTION.

  12. Shakes07 says:

    Mermaids are real, but not what these pix show. They are high spirit of water, and spirits dont have a physical body. They cannot be killed by human as this news saying it. they have Divine powers and even torment or kill if you mess with them. Aim an occultist and i have encounter one. Ppl here just wanna have names or try to get attention from the Media. Malema just want money to leave his luxury life style and seek attention from ppl. Even if Zuma is using witchcraft isnt his place to tell crap. who knows what Malema is using????

    • double says:

      Kannete presidnt yarona haeso hlahe ka ntho tse ntle,re qetelletse re nyenyefatswa ke country tse ding,ena ha esale south africa yane,acleast change the presidnt if anc ke yona e refileng tokoloho

  13. mwesa mulenga says:

    Don’t try to defend the man only GOD really knows our harts…I mean why the mermaids of all the things, n why now same thing big is fishing out here only GOD will punish us.its being said”every beginning has an end”…..

  14. Anonymous says:

    it’s worth nothing lento babenzayo and besides it’s our God to save us from satanic people “love God your creator you’re nothing without him pray and praise him he deserves the best.

  15. lelo says:

    Mermaid are real haibo,mohlolo hle

    • Nikole Michaelis says:

      miserable failure Gender not withstanding, for the purpose of our discussion regarding the ego, it will suffice to say that we all have one, and in relatively equal measure. Maybe he has a change of heart when he accepts his destiny. First, here’s a little background for the clueless.

  16. mananah says:

    Zuma went tooo far with his witchcraft #Zuma Must fall

  17. My Bussiness says:

    Every family has secrets. What happens in Zuma’s house is none of our business. Perhaps he’s better than many who’s secrets are stil secrets.


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