‘The Tattoos On My Body Are Mistakes, I Regret Having Them’- Anita Joseph

Pretty Anita Joseph is one actress that is known to be very daring and controversial at the same time! She was recently spotted with controversial soft-porn actress, Afrocandy, and many speculated that they were working on a movie. In a recent chat with Vanguard,she disclosed that she can never have sex in a movie. She also revealed that she regrets having tattoos. Read excerpts below:


You and Afrocandy were recently seen together, are you guys doing a movie?

Yes, we are. We’ve not done the job yet. She just did an audition and I was invited over to help in the casting. We did an audition at Excellence Hotel so I went there to help her cast and I’m part of the movie too

Is it a porn movie?

God forbid. It’s an African movie. Afrocandy does other movies too. The one she’s going to do soon is an epic movie like a village kind of movie. Then the other one is another kind of movie, we call it Glamour.

Glamour is the one you have many rich people but the epic is the village one. It’s not a porn movie, don’t mind what people are saying. I assure you it is not porn. Anita cannot do porn. You know why I can’t do porn? Because the money will finish but the movie won’t go.

It’s not something I would like to do. Everybody in life has what he or she wants to do. I don’t care what anybody does. Some people say you’re friends with Afrocandy and all that, So What?

Do you believe Nigerians are hypocritical about sex?

Oh yes they are, some of them do worse things behind closed doors. So don’t judge me. I do what I want to do but I can’t do porn. Anita is crazy, Anita is this, Anita is that, but I can’t do porn. There are some kinds of things I can’t do. If I’m doing business with Afrocandy, it’s movie business not porn and it’s my business. Nobody has the right to tell me I shouldn’t do it because she’s this, she’s that.   That’s their business.

Can you do sex in a movie?

No, I can’t

Not even kissing?

That’s a normal thing. There’s a way we do kissing in the movie industry, we don’t really do the real kissing but there’s a way we do it. It’s acting.

There was a movie I saw you,where Nkem Owoh was touching your boobs, what movie was that?

That movie was The Gamblers. In the script, they said he was supposed to touch my breasts; we have to make it real so I gave him my breast to touch and that thing blew people’s minds. That was the whole idea, he touched it for real.

Have you done any other stuff like that?

I do lots of stuffs like that. It doesn’t matter; it’s the kind of job I do, so it depends. It depends on what the script says, sometimes you just have to pretend to be there. Its pretense, Acting is all about pretense.

Which actor do you have chemistry working with?

I have chemistry working with everybody but there are some people you work better with, lots of them. If I start mentioning the names, you won’t leave here

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body?

Everywhere is sexy because everybody has what trips him or her. Some like the boobs, some like the back, some like my legs, I’ve seen somebody that loves my palm. My fingers are very sexy

You say you love tattoos, how many tattoos do you have?

I used to love tattoos. But I don’t do tattoos anymore and I’m trying to remove them. I’m not a tattoo freak anymore; I’ve grown out of that. In fact the tattoos on my body are mistakes. I advise people not to do tattoos. Tattoos are addictive. If you do one you want to do another, at the end of the day you’ll start regretting them. I don’t love my tattoos anymore. I wish I can clean them out.

Where is the most hidden place you’ve done a tattoo?

No hidden place, the most hidden one is the one on my waist and on my boobs

What do you find attractive in a man?

I love men that are simple. I don’t like men that are too loud, I love it simple.




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One Response to "‘The Tattoos On My Body Are Mistakes, I Regret Having Them’- Anita Joseph"

  1. kinky says:

    People should leave this Lady alone. Her worst critics are those who want her most behind closed doors. Sheer hypocrisy!!!
    Anita sounds like a very normal and warm person. Stop vilifying her. She’s simply voluptuous, curvy and Irresistible.


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