Munachi Abii Reveals That Her Beauty Has Been A Blessing To Her Rap Music Career

Ex-beauty queen turned rapper, Munachi Abii, has revealed in a new interview with Vanguard, that her beauty has worked well for her in her rap music career. Read excerpts below:
Munachi Abii5

At first I felt like discountenancing the pretty face toga. I thought I needed to just show off the talent and ignore the pretty face. At that time I didn’t want to be associated only with the fact that I have a pretty face. If you asked me then, I would tell you just call me Muna and don’t attach the MBGN prefix.I just wanted people to know me and my music . I later realized that when I did, it put me on the defensive . This is something I had to learn along the way. I realized that in order to break free from anything, you have to accept the truth. The truth for me is that I am a beautiful lady. I had to accept the fact that I am beautiful, and use it to my advantage. So what if I am beautiful? So what if I can rap?I am a beautiful rapper, I am a beautiful musician. People want to see that. The first thing they want to see about me unfortunately is my look. They see the look and they look into the content.

Would you say your beauty has been a blessing to your career?

Yes, I will say so.

How has it been a blessing?

I won a pageant and that opened doors

 How did you get to the point when you started believing in your craft?

I nearly reached that point, then I stopped .You lose confidence in yourself; There are times it happens to great people. I am a woman, I happen to be my mum’s heaven and earth so I take care of her.There is so much politics inthe industry. It’s not as easy as one thought it would be, secondly there are a lot of people in there that don’t make it easier for you and there are a lot of people that won’t believe in your music so you have to be strong.

 When you say there is politics in the industry what do you mean?

You see, there is politics everywhere .When I say politics I mean biases. Take for instance sports, everybody focuses on football, these days. It’s difficult for you to find a child that would say I want to represent Nigeria in gymnastics at the Olympics. Soccer is it for them.
But on the flip-side there is so much more that can be leveraged on. You can show that there is a market for these sports by focusing on them , but when the focus isn’t there people will think there is no market for it .
It’s a challenge when you are a high jumper but there are no platforms to show your talent and you have to go away to look for where you can practice your craft .Isn’t that sad?.
We need to embrace all kinds of music. We can’t all focus on high -life because it’s what is reigning right now. It’s okay to have one or two hi-life songs and make them timeless but let’s embrace other genres of music.



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